Dogecoin being Incorporated by a Crypto Payment Firm and will be Available for Transactions made by Users

BitPay, a crypto-based payment processor, announced that they are incorporating Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency, into their payment system. It means that this currency will not only be available for purchases from the merchants but can be used to make all sorts of payments. According to the payment processor, the Dallas Mavericks, which is a basketball team, would be the first to accept the Dogecoin. The press release further entailed that Mavericks fans will now be able to use Dogecoin as the payment method to buy not only tickets but the merchandise that is made available by the Mavericks.

It might not come as a surprise that the Mavericks team belongs to Mark Cuban, who is not only an entrepreneur but one of the sharks in all-time hit TV show known as the shark tank. He is a big supporter of cryptocurrency and has been receiving payments in Bitcoin for about two years now. Mark Cuban did say that they, which corresponds to Mark and his team members, welcome Dogecoin today and tomorrow and for days to come.

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BitPay Supports Innovation in Payments

The CEO of BitPay did come forward to present with a statement of his own in which he so profoundly appreciates the step that Mavericks and BitPay have taken together to pave the way for the cryptocurrency and the adoption of blockchain. The company believes that it will help the Mavericks sell tickets and their merchandise to an extensive fan base. The transactions themselves will include fewer and less proposed obstacles and help boost the customers’ overall confidence in crypto.

Dogecoin has not only become an all-time hit, but the projects like this one with BitPay do propose that the way forward will bring a lot of hope and prosperity for cryptocurrency in general. These projects ensure that the wheel of the cryptocurrency and the market keep on turning and the adoption along with it. In the future, blockchain technology will take the world by storm, and it all depends on you now on which side you are going to be on.       

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