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Early Coinbase Investor Calls Cryptocurrency Industry Next Multimillion-Dollar Opportunity

As the cryptocurrency market is flourishing day by day, many have started praising this nascent market. An early investor in Coinbase, the major cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States, has talked about the potential of the cryptocurrency market and regarded this exponentially growing industry as the next multimillion-dollar opportunity.

Ron Conway is known as the early investor in the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. He has recently shared his thoughts about the rapidly emerging and growing cryptocurrency industry. He recently appeared in an interview on TechCheck of CNBC, where he shed light on the future of digital currencies. While discussing the future of cryptocurrencies, Conway said that in terms of innovation, this industry is going to be the next Multi-million-dollar opportunity.

Furthermore, he said that still the cryptocurrency market is in its initial phases, and it has yet to grow more. Adding more to it, he said that the growth of the cryptocurrency industry is just beginning. He also acknowledged the potential of the crypto industry as well.

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These remarks from Ron Conway came on the day when the COIN shares of the major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase began trading officially.

Not only Conway talked about the potential and the future of cryptocurrencies, but he also called the Coinbase exchange Google for the digital currency economy in his interview while he was comparing the US crypto exchange with Google, the world’s largest search engine. He is of the view that Coinbase is opening new opportunities for consumers.

Moreover, he said that the cryptocurrency exchange is the leader in the digital currency market as its exclusive focus is on offering services related to cryptocurrencies. Regarding this, he claimed that the crypto exchange is expanding its service by adding support for new cryptocurrencies and bringing new advanced services for users.

He is not the only one who has acknowledged the worth of cryptocurrencies and the potential they possess. Rather there are many investors and famous personalities that have talked positively of the crypto market. The crypto market is going to flourish more in the coming future, and this seems imminent when we look at the current bullish behaviour of different cryptocurrencies, including the leading digital currency Bitcoin, ETH, LTC, and XRP.

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