Editorial Policy

The editorial policy of Tokenhell media agency is based on impartiality, objectivity and authenticity of
news related to cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology and also about reviews on ICOs, IEOs and

Responsibility of Editors

Before the publication of an article, it is thoroughly explored by an editor to check whether it is based on
facts or not. Our editorial team is impartial and is totally free from any interest. We struggle to update
the readers about markets of cryptocurrency through price analysis and talking about the upcoming and
active coins, tokens and altcoins through author’s articles.

Our Commitment to Authenticity of Content

We try our best to deliver our readers with objectivity, accuracy and responsible reporting of news and
reviews about Bitcoin and different altcoins. Our Editorial team has faith in unbiased and authentic
information. Our first priority is to provide our readers with wonderful and true articles. All the news
presented to our dear readers with solid proofs and sources and through different images and charts
representing the trend of markets.

The Authors have No Other Interest

Tokenhell is an independent media company with writers from around the world which give current
trend about global markets of cryptocurrency. Our requirement for our authors is to be impartial when
publishing an article .It is not necessary that opinions and views of writers reflect the opinions and views
of Tokenhell. The authors provide high quality content free from any influence and interest.

Our Media Company is Independent

Tokenhell media agency does not take part in trading or investing in the markets of cryptocurrency. We
don’t have any interest from any other company or controlled by any other firm. We do not advertise
any platform or cryptocurrency. We provide news about markets of cryptocurrency and reviews about
different ICOs, IEOs and STOs.
If you find any problem or issue with an article, please feel free to contact us at


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