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Eiro-group Review – Trade CFDs With Eiro-group, Your Gateway to a New Life

Eiro-group Review

I want to share my story on how I became a professional CFD trader and that too in less than a year.


I was working with one of the largest airline companies but due to Covid-19, my company had to send home a large number of employees because it could not afford to pay salaries. I was one of those unlucky persons. But before I was sent home in April, in January a friend of mine suggested me to start CFD trading at Eiro-group – an online CFD trading platform. He argued that due to pandemics there will be a time very soon when we have to look for alternatives. So he advised me to start CFD trading with

A Much Needed Advice

Acting upon his advice, I made up my mind to start my trading journey with Eiro-group. I signed up for Basic Account which only cost me a thousand euros, which was not a major problem for me as I had a couple of thousand euros in my savings. However, there are other accounts too such as Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Millioner Club. All these accounts have different perks better than the previous ones and require a pre-deposit of a certain amount for operating the account. 

Starting CFD Trading at Eiro-group

For example, if we look at the Diamond account, it comes with various benefits that are not part of the Basic account and includes advanced charts, exclusive updates, loyalty bonus plus insurance level upto 80%, saving account, unlimited availability of account manager and group of analysts. Anyone who is over the age of 18 years can avail the membership of Eiro-group. The documents required for signing up our bank account statement, debit and credit card photocopies, and identity proof.

KYC and Withdrawal Policy

The identity proof is important because Eiro-group has adopted the policy of Know-Your-Customer (KYC), which is a mandatory requirement for an authentic online service provider like Eiro-group. But if at any point in time you feel to withdraw your money, you can do so by sending a request to Eiro-group which takes only a day to comply with the request. Thereafter the funds are transferred to the account where you wanted to receive the same. 

Anti-Money Laundering Policy

These days money laundering has become the menace of society which is eating societies like a termite. This laundered money in turn is used for many nefarious purposes such as funding terrorism, oppression, human trafficking, embezzling funds, causing havoc upon innocents etc. For this purpose, every country has collectively formed a policy known as “Anti-Money Laundering (AML)” to ensure that no one can launder money. Being a responsible business platform, Eiro-group too follows AML in letter and spirit and also ensures that all of its customers comply with the same without any exception.


Well-Equipped & Composed Customer Assistance & Support Team

One of the things which inspired me a lot and convinced me to join this prestigious group of traders was its customer assistance and support staff. I found out that Eiro-group’s customer support and assistance team was comprised of the finest personnel which are all polite and humble when they speak as well as fully equipped to resolve any kind of issue immediately and efficiently. 

Secondly, the team is available 24/5 to help Eiro-group’s customers and even assist them whether they should become a trader or not by clarifying various queries relating to CFD trading. They are more concerned about the clarity of the mind of the intended person. If you think you are not ready to talk, then you can leave a message through the Contact Form and the representative of Eiro-group will give you a callback.

Apart from calling directly to the customer service agent, you can also send an email message.

Joining Eiro-group changed my life

The day I joined Eiro-group, my life started to take a new turn and I wanted to do this trading work on part-time basis so as to provide myself a source of secondary income. The first thing I noticed about Eiro-group was that it had positive reviews overall online and I found out that there were thousands of people whose lives had been changed because they were pursuing their CFD trading careers with Eiro-group successfully.

Since my account was a “Basic” trading account, I had the facilities of having trading alerts, loyalty bonus upto 10%, at least one trading signal on daily basis, insurance cover upto 10%, availability of market analysis and reviews, and, above all, the availability of an Account Manager for two weeks. The first few days I spent entirely on learning about the basics of CFD trading. During this time Eiro-group’s Account Manager was always available to me who was apprising me how to develop skills and acquire knowledge which I can then use to become a professional CFD trader.

Exploring Lucrative CFD Trading Opportunities

I was now prepared to conduct my first CFD trading and for which Eiro-group’s daily market analysis and reviews, trading alerts, and signals helped me a great deal in putting my investment in a lucrative trading opportunity, and in return I made a handsome profit. It was then I realized that I could become a professional trader and can switch this job into a full-time job. Now I am planning to go to the next level by upgrading my Basic account to a Silver account at Eiro-group.

A Piece of Advice

I would advise others to be wise as difficult times are very near when inflation would be at its highest peak because the worldwide economies are deteriorating fast and big and small enterprises are cutting down employees. All you need to ensure is that your money is in safe hands and that you will be working with those who have vast experience in the field of CFD trading. Secondly, you can trade from home at any time from anywhere in the world. No doubt that Eiro-group has made available premium services that cannot be compared with anyone else and can bring fortunes for those who put their trust in it.

Bentley Kapoor (India)

Bentley is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and trader, his articles are news and platform review based. His writings are brought to you through his 10 years of experience in the cryptocurrency markets.

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