Electroneum introduces ETN reward by moving away from “cloud mining”

Electroneum cryptocurrency has launched ETN rewards and has moved away from cloud mining. By introducing ETN rewards, Electroneum aims to replace cloud mining.

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On its official Twitter account, Electroneum posts that we have come up with ETN reward that is something easier than cloud mining. As the Tweet reads:

We’ve moved away from ‘cloud mining’ for something even easier! That’s why we’ve come up with ETN Rewards. It helps users understand exactly how our rewards system works. Website and iOS is live right now. Android will be going live asap.

By offering ETN rewards, the Uk-based cryptocurrency Electroneum has provided millions of people a chance to start exploring how easy it is to use ETN.

Electroneum is known as an innovator in the blockchain and crypto space. The goal of Electroneum is to make sure that its users and community members feel comfortable with the technology because technology is revolutionizing rapidly.

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Receive ETN rewards by interacting with Electroneum app

ETN rewards will be received simply by interacting with the mobile app of Electroneum as several people are receiving monthly ETN rewards with this app.

People can either store these ETN rewards or can spend with the merchant, retailer, and service provider who accept ETN coin as payment. The people who are living in the developing countries where they get monthly income less than $50, an additional $3 will be relieving for them.

Purpose of ETN Reward

The main purpose behind offering ETN rewards is to educate people about Electroneum cryptocurrency and its use and to show them how they can change their lives with ETN cryptocurrency.

Electroneum understands the needs and demands of its users. The Electroneum team observed several key aspects such as how users see cryptocurrency working for them in South Africa and other countries. By keeping in view the concerns of its users, it has replaced cloud mining with ETN reward.

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