Epic Games Gives NFT Games A Haven Following Steam Ban

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has recently stated that the Epic Games Store will be open to games featuring NFTs in some form. This comes following a surprising ban of all games implementing NFTs and cryptocurrencies from the Steam store. Steam, which belongs to the gaming company Valve, is one of the largest game marketplaces in the world and hosted several NFT games on its platform before the ban.

Epic Games has in an unexpected development capitalized on the chance to redirect the NFT game traffic from Steam to its store. Tim Sweeney in his statement on the topic stated they would accept games that make use of the blockchain as long as they obey the applicable laws, have transparent conditions of use, and are properly rated by the relevant organizations.

Regardless of the company’s stance on welcoming these games to its platform, it did clarify that it was not itself developing NFT games, just allowing them to work under its umbrella. Further, it is unlikely it will ever develop NFT games according to comments from the same CEO last month.

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Replying to a tweet requesting him to check his private messages (assumed to have been a conversation about NFT games), Sweeney stated with some apparent disdain that the entire field was filled with more scams than the actual promise of development. According to him, it is a mixture of “scams, decentralized tech foundations, and scams”.

Developers looking to put their NFT games on the Epic Games will still have a little while to wait given that they will only be allowed on a case-by-case basis.

The Steam MarketPlace Ban

The Steam ban came as a surprise to many people as no official statement was released by the company. They simply upgraded their terms to reflect that they would no longer allow games that function on blockchain and facilitate the trading of crypto and NFTs. Admittedly, this is in keeping with previous stances made by the company which does not allow games to exchange value outside of gaming.

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The new addition to the terms has left a lot of developers with no recourse. Age Of Rust developer took to Twitter to state that while it was fine with the platform’s decision, it would continue to pursue blockchain development.

Another statement by blockchain company Enjin was more incensed calling the decision by Valve “shortsighted” and “disappointing”.

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