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ETFinance Review 2020: Is it a Legit Broker?

ETFinance is a licensed and regulated, Cyprus-based online brokerage services provider that offers trading of assets, forex, metals, indices, stocks, commodities, CFDs, cryptocurrency, and ETFs.

ETFinance Review
ETFinance Broker Ranking
Account Types9
Trading Speed9.8
Customer Support9.2
I would like to place ETFinance in the list of top recommended brokers due to its stunning features. No fees for forex options and lowest commission rates on other trading products make ETFinance very attractive to traders and investors.

Trading is continued from hundreds of years but the way of trading evolved and modified keeping the needs of the people. The current form of trading is the latest and advanced form out of all. People, today, officially opt for the profession of trading as a career.

One of the richest men on the planet, Warren Buffet, also became rich while investing in the trading: buying and selling the stocks or shares of the giant companies of the world. One who also wants to become a successful man can choose the trading industry. But before, one starts the journey, he or she is required to select a trustable broker for that.

ETFinance Review

ETFinance ReviewOut of many brokerage service providers, only some meet the standards of a trustable and secure broker. ETFinance is also included in the list of trusted brokers. I will give you every bit of information that is important for you to satisfy your mind and believe in the broker to start trading assets, forex, metals, indices, stocks, commodity, CFD, cryptocurrency, and ETFs.


  • What is ETFinance?
  • Wide Range of Trading Products at One Place
  • Outstanding Leverage
  • Competitive Fees
  • Educational Section for Guidance
  • Integrated with Top Trading Platforms
  • Is FTFinance a Legit Broker?
  • Mobile App for Trading
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Active Customer Care Portal
  • Conclusion

What is ETFinance?

ETFinance is a Cyprus-based online brokerage services provider that offers trading of assets, forex, metals, indices, stocks, commodities, CFDs, cryptocurrency, and ETFs. ETFinance is a secure broker as it is supervised by Magnum FX (Cyprus) Ltd that is in turn regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

ETFinanance offers a lot of tradable equities for the traders and investors across the world. Exposure to such a broad list of trading opportunities, the broker makes its place in the top brokers and becomes a favorite place for the traders.

As the broker itself a reputable and legit place for investors, it also partnered with the top trading platforms out there. These trading platforms, for making winning trades, include Webtrader and Metatrader 4. The brokerage provider also designed an efficient mobile app that is available via the App Store and Google Play.

ETFinance is the best platform for investing money in commodities for European users as it is also based in Europe and there will be no problem at the time of payments: deposits and withdraws. It is a global brokerage place for traders and investors but not available for users in the US- due to strict rules and regulations.

Wide Range of Trading Products at One Place

Brokers that offer such a wide variety of CFD commodities for investors are very rare but ETFinance is specializes in this and provide outstanding services for its users. A variety of assets and stocks, having big momentum and potential, are available on the site. There are hundreds of stocks, listed on the site, of the US, European, and Australian reputable companies.

ETFinance as a forex exchange is a very active and reliable place. People can trade forex options from a wide variety of currency pairs. For some currency pairs, the site is functional for 24 hours but for others, the broker has fixed the time for trading.

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Commodities such as physical assets also listed on the site for investors. These include natural gas, crude oil, platinum, palladium, gold, silver, and many others. Besides commodities, one can also invest in world indices via CFDs. These indices include NASDAQ 100, FTSE 100, US Dollar Index, DOW 30, and many others.

Cryptocurrency is recognized on a large scale around the world. Now, there are hundreds of exchanges established only for the cryptocurrency. But, ETFinance doesn’t want to send their users to any other place for crypto trading as it has added a lot of cryptocurrency pairs. Almost, all of the crypto pairs are against the few fiat currencies including USD, EUR, and GBP.

Outstanding Leverage

People, often, compare and contrast the different brokers based on the extent of the leverage. They always go for the platform that offers high leverage on forex options as well as on other traded products. The leverage is also dependent on the type of account you have: leverage is different for retail as well as professional account. Similarly, different CFD traded products will have different leverage points.

Out of all, ETFinance offers outstanding leverages for forex options such as currency pairs: users with professional accounts can avail the opportunity of 1:200 leverage on minor and major currency swaps. Similarly, the retail accounts can enjoy leverage of 1:30 on major and minor pairs while 1:200 on exotics.

ETFinance provides leverage, on indices and most of the commodities, up to 1:50 for professional traders and 1:10 for retail traders. Similarly, stocks and shares offer 1:50 for professional users and 1:5 for retail accounts.

Out of all, cryptocurrencies are offered with the lowest leverage due to their high volatile nature: that is 1:1. Besides these outstanding services on the part of ETFinance, the broker also provides related facilities to its users such as safekeeping and custodianship of assets.

Competitive Fees

Traders, sometimes, research to find a broker that has low trading fees or commissions so that they can easily make a lot of trades to earn a profit. As ETFinance takes of its customers and puts them in first priority, it deducts no taxes on forex options and offers the very lowest commission on other products in the market. Everything about charges is written with clarity and there are no hidden charges at all.

With low commissions, traders get a special opportunity to do more trading than normal as there is no tension for the deduction of high taxes on the part of the brokerage service facilitator. There are no fees at all on CFD forex pairs as the company gets its profit from the spreads. The spreads are clearly shown on the website and are very competitive. With such a low fee structure, it is a charming site for the active traders.

Educational Section for Guidance

To become a professional trader, one needs to learn the skills and strategies to make successful trades. For this purpose, he will have to learn about these strategies and skills. You don’t need to go to any other place or pay for the expensive courses for learning as ETFinance created an education portal to learn everything about trading.

There are various types of educational materials that are present depending on the types and requirements of the users. The educational material for trading includes Webinars, Economic Calender, Earnings Calender, Articles, VOD, Ebooks, Courses, and Tutorials.

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Integrated with Top Trading Platforms

As we know, traders cannot perform well without taking assistance from the technical analysis. For technical analysis, it is very important to exploit the best charting tools. Some indicators help you to predict the future price value with the exact certainty.

Keeping in view the needs and requirements of the traders, ETFinance offers the best trading platforms that are known for offering the best charting tools and indicators. These platforms are built on the top-notch advanced technology that gives the users a feeling of security. These platforms include Webtrader and Metatrader4 that are 100% secure.

Webtrader is a dynamic and customizable platform for the best experience of trading ever. One can download it on windows and enjoy the best options for trading stocks, forex, and other commodities. The user interface of Webtrader is very interactive and lets traders monitor the historical data, current price trends and also help you to invest in the most potential assets out there.

Besides these stunning features, Webtrader leads you to access a wide range of charting tools and potential indicators that lets you do winning trades. Webtrader is accessible on any kind of web browser and can facilitate users in thirteen different languages.

Being a secure platform, Metatrader 4 or MTV4 is already serving the reputable forex exchanges as well as brokers. It is an efficient place for both beginners, that are new in this trading field, and trading gurus. MTV4 is, currently, licensed with 750 different brokers because of its highl functionalities and striking characteristics.

Metatrader is comprised of 30 top-notch technical indicators and 23 different trading analytical tools for effective trading experience- both to new babies and experienced ones. The most attractive thing about MTV4 is that it is available for both Windows and mobile devices in 30 different languages.

Is FTFinance a Legit Broker?

The legitimacy of any broker can be checked whether is regulated by any government authority or not. So, the first thing is to confirm that it is licensed or not.

ETFinance is lucky in the sense that it is under the supervision of a recognizable financial authority. As mentioned on the site, it is owned by Magnum FX (Cyprus) Ltd, a Cyprus-based giant investment company.

Magnum FX (Cyprus) Ltd registered with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). This ensures the trusted nature of the broker and one easily goes on with the ETFinance by investing money for trading. The legit nature of the site is also ensured by its compatibility with European regulatory body, European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

The second criterion to check out the legitimacy is to read the reviews about the broker. To read out the reviews and comments of users about the brokerage services platform, Facebook, Google, and Yelp are the best places. ‘’Reviews are a good place to start,’’ says Mr. Garfinkel.

Scamming and theft attacks are increasing at a very alarming rate and according to the latest reports, scammers snatched money in billions from the innocent people. Most of these scammers are brokers that are looting the assets from new babies in the trading field.

People now do extensive research before picking the brokerage services provider but for ETFinance, I am 100% sure that it is the legit place for trading stocks, shares, commodities, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and CFDs on all products.

Mobile App for Trading

Besides providing you with the top-notch trading platforms, ETFinance also enables its users to trade via a mobile device. If you are out or on some holiday, you can access the portfolio after one-click through the mobile app.

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Through the mobile application, users receive all the updates and market research insights. Now, global traded assets are at your fingertips. The mobile app is available for all devices such as android and iOS devices. One can download the mobile application via Google Play or App Store.

Intuitive Interface

The interactive interface is very friendly for both beginners as well as professional traders. The design and color scheme, used in the site, is very charming that makes every action on the broker easy and simple. Everything is navigated with proper sections and a user can easily reach to destination point within minutes without any human assistance.

New babies who are learning the trading skills can be fully assisted by ETFinance. Everything is clearly mentioned on the site regarding the broker services and the broker is fully transparent with customers. If you find anything confusing, you can contact the professional staff behind the ETFinance.

Active Customer Care Portal

Mostly, people complain that the site is not responding to their requests or complaints. The complaints are usually about the payments or about the assets and as a result, they give negative reviews about the brokerage platforms.

But people’ s reviews and comments about the ETFinance are positive that shows that staff behind the broker is very active and interactive. The customer portal of the site is active 24 hours to respond to customers’ requests.


In the final verdict about ETFinance, I would like to place it in the list of top brokers due to its stunning features. No fees for forex options and lowest commission rates on other trading products make ETFinance more attractive to traders and investors.

The assets of users are encrypted, on the site, with the advanced technology and can be withdrawn anytime. Traders are having a better trading experience with reputable trading platforms: Webtrader and Metatrader 4. Besides the availability of top-notch trading platforms, users can access the global commodities for trading via the Mobile App.

ETFinance Review
ETFinance Broker Ranking
Account Types9
Trading Speed9.8
Customer Support9.2
I would like to place ETFinance in the list of top recommended brokers due to its stunning features. No fees for forex options and lowest commission rates on other trading products make ETFinance very attractive to traders and investors. produces top quality content exposure for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies and startups. We have provided brand exposure for thousands of companies to date and you can be one of them too! All of our clients appreciate our value / pricing ratio. Contact us if you have any questions: Cryptocurrencies and Digital tokens are highly volatile, conduct your own research before making any investment decisions. Some of the posts on this website are guest posts or paid posts that are not written by our authors (namely Crypto Cable , Sponsored Articles and Press Release content) and the views expressed in these types of posts do not reflect the views of this website. Tokenhell is not responsible for the content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products or any other content posted on the site. Read full terms and conditions / disclaimer.

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