Ethereum has grown massively in the past two years, what Coinmetrics’s data say

Ethereum is said to be dying off and many are abandoning the official network. The reality is the opposite because the new data revealed in the report states something else as its network is modifying on the latest technology. The illusion created by the people that no one is using Ethereum Network has broken apart because the data in the real sense says something else.

As the company announced that Ethereum is shifting towards the proof-of-stake algorithm to cover up the current problems and make it more updated. But some recognized commentators claimed that this new project on the part of the firm is just a scam and it will definitely fail out.


Report by Coinmetrics

Recently, the new data estimated by Coinmetrics has come up with some opposite information under the title “The Evolution of Ethereum Tokens” in which they have explained how the network is evolved in the past two years and how it assisting in the insurance of the assets.

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In this report, they distinguished between the network value and the token value, and also pointed out the gap between these two pivotal points of focus which is under discussion throughout the whole report. A prominent crypto investor unveiled the ratio between two values and called it “Network Value to Token Value” and mainly focused on the point that the gap is shrinking, which is a good thing for the Ethereum.

It is also pointed out in the report that the transactional value of the only Ethereum is lowering than the non-Ethereum transactional value. The third quarter of 2019 was valuable for Ethereum because the ERC-20 transactions count has reached an unprecedented level.

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Ethereum rejected the Wrong Perception

This data rejected the notion that Ethereum is losing its hold on the ‘World Computer’ stage. The network value, as well as its token value, is moving towards the succeeding position. The increase in the non-Ethereum transactions count is giving us a clear vision that it is still the best platform for the insurance of assets and for programmable money.


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