Ethereum is a ‘Scammy Project’, says Bitcoin Core Developer

The harsh comments from both Bitcoin and Ethereum developers have become very usual. Peter Todd has given a very controversial statement about the Ethereum and called it a ‘Scammy Project’. He further said that they are lying to their investors about its capabilities.

The comment is passed over recent Eth-event

Peter shared his sentiment over the event that is organized specially for Ethereum-Devcon that is going to start its journey. The event started on Oct.8 and attended by the community members.


He actually commented on the video clip that is of the event organized for the Eth community members and fans. The video clip is shared by the official account of the Internet Archive.

He chose very harsh words to criticize the Ethereum-project; he called it a ‘Scammy Project’ and ‘massive stock offering’. He criticized its founders that they are lying to their investors but actually it is not the game they are playing with innocent sentiments.

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Peter Todd said:

Sad to see the @internetarchive advertising such a scammy project. ETH is essentially a massive stock offering by a set of founders who lied about it’s capabilities. Better to stay out of advertising crypto currencies entirely if you can’t keep away from scammy behavior.

Another crypto expert jumps in the field and said “A light show with drums won’t make Ethereum validation more decentralized or the network scale.” This shows how the Bitcoin developers have negative sentiments and views about the Eth core developers.

The Animosity between both parties is old

In reality, both Bitcoin and Eth core developers have a very disturbing past history about passing comments on one another. This latest criticism is the product of the past animosity between both parties. Last year, an Eth core developer has tweeted in which he said that Bitcoin devs should focus on their duties rather than criticizing Ethereum.

If Bitcoin maximalists would spend as much time building as they spend producing blatant falsehoods about Ethereum, Bitcoin might actually be able to compete by merit.


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