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Ethereum is Following Bitcoin as It Breaks Previous All-Time High

Bitcoin is the only high-tier crypto that is being traded currently, and there is no second guess about that, but given its successful run, the other altcoins such as Ethereum were only destined to follow. Just like Bitcoin goes about breaking its own all-time highs, this time, Ethereum has taken the lead by breaking its previously set all-time high at $2,041, which got preceded by a new price point that rests at $2,081 as of today. 

Since achieving its first all-time high in the month of February, Ethereum has corrected itself twice over the charts, which is an exemplary thing. Other than that, it has managed to post a higher lower during its second correction. Judging by the speed of its market adoption and market cap Ethereum is right after Bitcoin, and if any coin is going to give a hard time to Bitcoin in the upcoming years or even a decade, then it is none other than Ethereum. 

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Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum did have multiple price outages of its own, casting a heavy blow on its value, and then the rebounding factor is also the same as with Bitcoin, where the digital currency manages to rebound quickly near to its previous all-time high price value. 

Ethereum Maintains its Position as the Second-Largest Cryptocurrency by Market Cap

As stated earlier, if there is any crypto coin that can tackle Bitcoin way into the future, it has to be Ethereum. Other than that, Ethereum is the second-largest asset by the market cap at the present moment, which provides it with the sufficient push that it requires to get through in terms of getting more and more popular among investors and the general public as well. In this race of becoming the ultimate best, Ethereum might score the second position but don’t let its diplomacy fool you like; the strategy to move ahead in the crypto market is not only subtle but convenient. 

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Bitcoin continues to take the fall at many places, and learning from that experience is Ethereum, and if this process remains as refined as it is now, then it is only about time that Ethereum will start to dominate other altcoins rooting them right out of the competition.    

Hassan Mehmood (Saudi Arabia)

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