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Ethereum Now Has A Greater Market Cap Than Coca-Cola And Netflix

With Ethereum reaching a new all-time high, almost crossing $2200 in value, the crypto continues to dominate many companies in the market. The crypto is continuously beating huge popular businesses such as famous beverage Coca-Cola, globally recognized media streaming platform Netflix and popular computer software designer Adobe. Ethereum’s growing market cap has helped it to achieve such accomplishments, with numbers increasing day by day as the global adoption rate increases because of the attractive features set that it provides to its users.

Ethereum’s Position

According to statistical market sources, Ethereum is now present in the list of top 40 assets in terms of market capitalization. Looking at the current pricing of Ethereum, it is said that the currency has reached a total market cap of more than $245 Billion, which is more than all 3 of the above-mentioned companies. As of now, Netflix sits at a market cap of around $245 Billion, with Adobe achieving $240 Billion and Coca-Cola hovering in the $229 Billion range. Looking at the top, Apple holds the throne with a market cap standing at around $2.2 Trillion and Microsoft sitting beside with $1.9 Trillion.

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If Ethereum keeps this up, then it will definitely continue to plow through more giants, but it will obviously take a lot of time and resources to reach those positions. Ethereum has also managed to dominate the GDPs of several countries around the world, such as Peru and Slovakia, making them worthless. Moreover, Ethereum’s next target might be Portugal’s GDP, holding a market cap of $257, which is very near to that of Ethereum’s.

Global Presence of Crypto

Global adoption of cryptocurrency is increasing day by day, which means that the crypto space has the ability to dominate the standard market and produce even bigger numbers. At this time, Bitcoin has a market cap of more than $1.1 Trillion, which topples the huge social media platform Facebook by a staggering 27%, highlighting the power and the potential of the current crypto king. Bitcoin has grown so much that even the GDP of Mexico was unable to withstand its power.

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Looking at the global market, the absurdly increasing popularity of cryptocurrency indicates that these top crypto giants have no plans to stop, and they might actually become the recommended choice of payment around the globe in the future.

MubaShar Nawaz (United Arab Emirates)

MubaShar Nawaz is an experienced crypto writer working for Tokenhell. Having passion for writing, he covers news articles from blockchain to cryptocurrency.

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