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Ethereum Surges To $1,300, Despite Selling Pressure

Following the altcoin season’s assertions, new demand for other cryptocurrencies might be a significant factor in ETH’s latest price. The digital asset faced some price corrections, alongside crypto giant Bitcoin. The currency is the largest altcoin in terms of market cap and popularity. Since the digital asset’s continuous fall from last week, ETH starts to surge again despite selling pressure linked to consistent fall of the investment.

The space believes that the altcoin season would soon come, where investors would give attention to smaller coins to mitigate risks and enjoy more significant returns. Traders and investors are looking for the next Bitcoin, which would worth a lot of money in years to come. Bitcoin is recording some slight flows, showing that people might have diverted funds to other assets.

Ethereum gets close to all-time high

The crypto gets close to its all-time high with the new surge. Investors and analysts foresaw new demands by institutional investors in Ethereum due to its market stance and its affordability compared to Bitcoin. ETH investors are showing some bearish momentum, which increased pricing surprisingly since the dip.

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The cryptocurrency’s week showed that the asset is not predictable because the security started on the wrong turn with the price correction, which brought panic. Investors opined that if ETH price continues to crash, it might return to its $500 position.

Mid-week, the asset dropped, but soon enough saw a strong level that prevented further drop from its worth. The support level helped the asset to amass new gains by reaching $1295 at first. Now, the asset corrected a little, suspected to have reached a resistance level.

The asset also has an impressive market capitalization, with several billion under the crypto’s control, quickly making it one of the industry’s top guns. Some specific points might be resistance levels, with charts predicting that a surge beyond its current pricing could establish a resistance point around $1,300. With $1,350 being the next price, the digital asset could face challenges.

Ethereum gets strong support

ETH sees support levels at 1,200, with other support levels following slightly behind it. The digital asset will push other altcoins out of the market to allow interested investors to quickly invest in it due to Dormer’s dominance in the industry. Years ago, investors ignored altcoins by having eyes for the only Bitcoin as a payment means and an efficient way of storing value. Fortunately, new coins like ETH attract new investors daily to pick an interest in a cheaper alternative.

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If institutional investors eventually emerge into the ETH market, it will foster a distributed growth which their industry never enjoys. Institutional money helps market capitalization and volumes, thereby causing a new price surge and attracting other customers into investing.

One reason high-net-worth individuals shy from investing in altcoins is the lack of adequate information and fear of not reaching the anticipated position. The main purpose of investing in digital assets is to make returns from one’s investments, and when holders cannot guarantee its success, it becomes difficult for them to invest.

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