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Ethermine: Ethereum Users Can Now Privatize Their Transactions

Largest Ether mining pool, Ethermine, has revealed that Ethereum users can now mask their transactions, putting them out of public knowledge. The miner released a new feature entitled Ethermine Private RPC Endpoint that will make this functionality possible. Ethermine shared details of the new feature via its social media pages.

Ethereum is a public blockchain as well as open-source, but the new feature by Ethermine will change the status quo. Ethermine’s Private RPC Endpoint could be used on the blockchain’s main network and has already been added to the former’s toolkit.

Users to Send Private Transactions to Ethermine’s Nodes

However, this feature is only applicable to Ethermine’s nodes. Users who are interested in using it have to call the option. Still, the feature can only be activated on decentralized wallets like Metamask. After the activation, users will be able to send their transactions directly to nodes belonging to Ethermine, keeping them away from public scrutiny or knowledge.

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As admitted by Ethermine, the tool will come in handy for users who trade large volumes of Ether, helping them shroud their transactions. According to the miner, the feature has already been integrated into the Metamask wallet. Users have to select Custom RPC in the wallet and then activate the miner’s endpoint.

Ethermine revealed more details on how such private transactions will operate. It noted that such transactions will be added to the first block ever mined by it. Ethermine also added that if transactions sent privately get lodged in an ‘uncle block,’ they may likely find their way back to the public pool. Notwithstanding, the probability of this happening is below 5%. 

Second-largest Ethereum mining Pool to Quit Operations in China

Meanwhile, the second-largest Ether mining pool SparkPool is in the middle of a forced shutdown following a sudden ban on cryptocurrencies by China. The ban is considered the 19th ban from the Asian giant after a series of bans in the past including a Bitcoin mining ban in June. This is likely to affect the mining hash rate for the altcoin owing to its leading position in Ether mining. 

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China’s Bitcoin mining ban in June sparked an exodus of Bitcoin miners in the region as they tried to escape the pressure being mounted by regulators. Regions like Texas, Iran, Canada, Kazakhstan and a few others became top choices for miners to resume their operations. The ban took a toll on Bitcoin’s hash rate and mining difficulty. 

China lost its dominance as the powerhouse as miners trooped in large numbers to other regions. Industry experts considered this as an advantage since the hash rate will be evenly distributed.  

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