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Ethiopian Olympic Athletes Get Support from Twitter CEO, Sparks Crypto War

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics games only a few hours away from the opening ceremony, a tweet from Jack Dorsey enlisting his support for Ethiopian athletes causes a crypto war. The Twitter CEO had tweeted a ticker of the East African country alongside its flag voicing his love for the Ethiopian team to participate in the games. This is the second time the Olympics is getting attention for digital currency-based reasons. 

While Dorsey’s may have been genuine and without an underlying motive, members of the Ethereum community do not consider it to be so. According to reports, they think the Twitter founder’s tweet must have been a swipe taken at the largest altcoin by market cap. On a number of occasions, Dorsey has indicated that he does not have any love for Ethereum. Instead, he has been a Bitcoiner, showing his love for the flagship cryptocurrency at every chance he gets, including at the recently concluded B-word July Conference, where he had a talk with Tesla CEO, Elon Musk.

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Spurred by the misconstrued comments of the CEO, pro-Bitcoin Twitter folks also leaped at the chance to throw shades at Ethereum proponents. One of the tweets claimed thus;

Hey babe. What’s the three letter hashtag on Twitter for the Ethiopian flag?

— Preston Pysh (@PrestonPysh) July 22, 2021

Jack Dorsey Still Headstrong Against Ethereum

Perhaps Jack’s dislike for Ethereum might be the reason it does not have a ticker on Twitter yet. While there is a ticker for Bitcoin on the platform, it is also likely that his comments on the 2020 Olympics games were meant to troll Ethereum, which has repeatedly said no to. On the contrary, Jack declared that he had an ‘enough’ holding of Bitcoin.

Despite the ruckus generated over Jack’s Friday tweet, no effect was noticed on the price of Ethereum. As of press time, it is trading above the $2k range. As an indication that his love for Bitcoin is without any reservation, he participated in the Lightning Torch event and is also looking to integrate Bitcoin’s Lightning Network into Twitter. 

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Moreover, he plans to create a hardware wallet for Bitcoin. At a time, he claimed could leave Twitter and Square if the top crypto asset warranted him to do so. In comparison, Elon Musk still wields much more influence over Bitcoin than Jack.

US Lawmakers Warn Against Use of China’s Digital Yuan at the Olympics

Meanwhile, US lawmakers and China are reportedly embroiled in a war of attrition in light of the latter’s plans to introduce its Digital Yuan at the Olympics. Three US senators including Wyoming-born Cynthia Lummis had written to the Olympics Committee for American Athletes urging them to prevent the use of China’s CBDC during the games. 

According to Senator Lummis, the US would not allow American athletes to be used as a ‘trojan horse’ for the spread and adoption of the Digital Yuan. It is not known if the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) will go ahead with its plans. 

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