Everstake has Successfully Deployed Consensus Node for Neo3 Preview1 TestNet

Everstake, staking services provider, collaborated with Neo and announced, today, to join the Neo3 TestNet Preview1. Everstake will act as a node operator for Neo3 TestNet Preview1. This collaboration will ensure and emphasize on the decentralization of the network.

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In April 2019, the blockchain community of the Neo launched the Neo3 Preview1 for testing on the network. Neo3 Preview1 has been changed a lot in terms of performance, stability, and architecture.

Neo2 TestNet is not comprised of any consensus node under Neo Foundation since the month of June. Neo2, currently, consists of seven consensus nodes that are operated by Neo Global Development, KPN, MatPool, Red4Sec, Swisscom, City of Zion, and NeoSPCC.

The founder of the Neo, Erik Zhang, said:

We are glad to welcome Everstake as one of our consensus nodes on the Neo3 Preview1 TestNet. As Neo3 accelerates, we appreciate the help from the ecosystem to facilitate Neo’s development and the decentralization process.

According to the policy of the Neo Foundation, the new consensus node will have to run for six months as a test. After that period, the particular consensus will integrate with the Neo MainNet. As more and more Neo3 Preview versions accumulated, the running as well the new consensus nodes will join the Neo MainNet.

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New Update will bring Positive Changes

The CEO and founder of Everstake, Sergii Vasylchuk, stated:

Our team has successfully deployed a consensus node in the Neo3 Preview1 TestNet, which paves the way for all the network to test and apply all necessary updates as well as different features. The new update brings many positive changes to the network, starting from architecture optimization, stability improvements, performance enhancements, and others. Everstake will support the Neo3 Preview1 TestNet with all required technical and human resources so that the network could make a faster transition to the new version of the protocol which will benefit hundreds of thousands of Neo users.


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