Facebook’s Libra Will not Launch Before 2023 Says Ripple CEO

Brad Garlinghouse the CEO of Ripple says that Facebook will not be able to launch its digital currency Libra before 2023. Ripple CEO has claimed this in an interview.

Garlinghouse commented on the future of the Libra in an interview with Fortune held on Oct 7. He says that I can bet that Libra will not be launched even by the end of the year 2022.


As he says:

I would bet that Libra… let’s say, by the end of 2022, I think Libra will not have launched.

He explains why he thinks that Facebook will fail to launch Libra before 2023. He says that Libra is currently facing the regulatory issues and these regulatory issues will create hurdles in the official launch of Libra.

Ripple CEO further states that governments have noticed several issues about Facebook‘s Libra project. Governments say that they have some trust issues regarding this project.

Facebook’s Libra was regarded as a monetary threat by the regulators and because of this it is losing its members. Recently because of these regulatory issues, PayPal has withdrawn from the Libra Project.

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In the interview, Garlinghouse was asked about what does he currently feels about Facebook’s Libra currency. He replied in the following words:

What happens with Libra and their white paper initiative? Hard to predict. I think that would have been better received had Facebook not been the point of the arrow

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has predicted the launch year of the Facebook’s Libra keeping in view the regulatory issues of the Libra’s Project and says it is not possible for Facebook to launch Libra before 2023.



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