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Finexro Review – Will Finexro Be Your Online Trading Solution?

Finexro Broker Rating
Account Types9.9
Trading Speed9.5
Crypto Signals8.8
What makes Finexro stand out among the best online trading firms is the variety of accounts they offer their customers to begin their trading journey. It does not matter, whether you are new to the online trading business or old, the expert team at Finexro has spent a significant amount of time and resources to provide you with trading accounts that are best suited to your requirements.
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Finexro Review

Finexro screenshotIf you decide to believe the words of the brokers available online, you will have to sign up with them all. It is understandable that everyone wants to sign up with the best online broker out there. But where do you go when all the online brokers claim to be the best?

Well, that’s where I come in. I will provide you with all the details of a broker that I think is really aiming for the best. Of course, this broker has its areas of improvements as well, but when you compare it to others, this one really knows what traders want.

Finexro is one of these brokerages that are constantly giving their best to provide customers with the best services and change the concept of online brokerages being called out as nothing more than frauds. So please allow me to introduce you to Finexro and tell you how this broker can make your life a joy ride.

Finexro logo

Finexro at a Glance

Broker Finexro
Owned By Strongex LTD
Products Forex, Indices, Commodities, Stocks, Crypto
Trading Tools Index, FX, and Crypto Price Charts, Bitcoin Leverage, Long/Short Trading
Trading Platform MetaTrader 4 and SIRIX
Trade From Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, Online
Account Types Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Premium
Trading Available With 200 EUR
Demo Account Yes
Training Private Sessions, Webinars, Seminars
Deposits Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, Wire Transfer
Customer Support Phone, Email, Contact Form

Finexro screenshot

Finexro’s Trading Account Solution

What makes Finexro stand out among the best online trading firms is the variety of accounts they offer their customers to begin their trading journey. It does not matter, whether you are new to the online trading business or old, the expert team at Finexro has spent a significant amount of time and resources to provide you with trading accounts that are best suited to your requirements:

Bronze Online Trading Account

Finexro’s ‘Bronze’ trading account is the best choice for people who are new to the Online Trading platform. Finexro has balanced this account in such a way that it tends to walk you through the basics of Online Trading while improving your trading skills in the online market.

You can get ownership of this account at Finexro by depositing a minimum of €5,000. Out of all the services that the bronze account has to offer, some of the most prominent services include your private one on one trading training sessions with the team of experts at Finexro. Next in the list is the access to Finexro’s academic program, which is developed to help you learn the basics and tips, and tricks of online trading.

Apart from the academic program, you gain access to the daily newsletter containing the important and latest information on the online assets and volatility. You are also entitled to the central premium trading signals. The best thing among all the services offered is the real-time assistance provided by the Relationship Manager who is always there to offer his assistance and expert opinion to make your trading activities smoother.

Silver Online Trading Account

Finexro’s ‘Silver’ account has been developed for investors who have gained some experience in online trading and learn a thing or two that they can practice to increase their chances of making profits.

You can gain ownership of the Silver Online Trading account by depositing a minimum of €10,000 and gain access to many services offered through this account. The very first service from the long list of benefits you can acquire through the Silver account is full access to the online trading academy, designed specifically to cater to the needs of the investors and help them excel their skills in the Online Trading market. The investors also gain access to the latest newsletters that keep you posted with up-to-date information around the crypto-assets and their prices.

On top of the academic program, you are eligible for one-on-one online trading training sessions. With the silver account, you also gain access to the Finexro’s investments mirror trader. You also gain access to the trading central premium signals and again, most important of all is the constant support and guidance of the relationship manager who is always there to guide you along the way.

Gold Online Trading Account

Finexro has created the ‘Gold’ Online Trading account for individuals who are average level traders and are willing to invest good amounts of money to try their luck with higher stakes on the line. This account is in place to test what you have learned in the Online Trading platform and how you plan to implement it in your daily trading activities.

If you are interested in getting your hands on the Gold Online Trading account, you can simply deposit a minimum of €50,000 and become the owner of this account. Once you have access to this account, you are entitled to the online trading academic program offered by Finexro and all the features it has to offer. Apart from the academic program offered by Finexro, you become entitled to the online trading training sessions.

With the help of the online trading training sessions, you get to polish your trading skills and increase your chances of bringing in more profits and fortunes. The Gold account offered by the Online Trading account makes you eligible for receiving daily newsletters loaded with the latest crypto-asset information around the volatility, price, and future positions.

In addition to the daily newsletter, you also start receiving daily news notifications through the SMS. The SMS that you receive keeps you posted with the assets that you choose to receive notifications for. Apart from the one-on-one trading sessions, you are also entitled to 2 private trading sessions, where you get to trade in the presence of the experts who provide you live assistance and show you how things are done in real-time.

You get to participate remotely in a monthly event room where you get to meet other investors and get to gain knowledge from each other’s experiences. You also gain access to the Finexro’s Investments Mirror Trader and RoboX for your daily trading activities.

One of the most attractive benefits offered by the Gold Online Trading account is that you can get up to a 10% discount on the trading commission. Finally, yet importantly, you have the relationship manager at your service to provide his assistance at any moment.

Platinum Online Trading Account

So, the ‘Platinum’ Online Trading account introduced by Finexro is for individuals who are confident that they have honed enough trading skills that every decision they make, would turn fruitful. With this account, you get to open positions in some of the most hostile and challenging trading environments. If you can make your name in this environment, then there is no stopping you to get to the top of the trading chain.

If you think that you have what it takes to be a top-notch crypto-trader, then Finexro’s Platinum account is the perfect choice for you. Depositing a minimum of €100,000 gets you access to all the features and benefits offered by this unique Online Trading account. The very first and common service that you gain access is the online trading academic program offered by Finexro.

Then comes the daily newsletter, which is loaded with tons of information around the asset prices, volatility, and their demand in the Online Trading market. Through this feature, it is totally up to you whether you would want to receive the latest news on a particular crypto-asset or the entire crypto-market. Apart from the newsletter, you are entitled to receive crypto-asset notifications through SMS as well.

As far as the profile grooming part is concerned, you are entitled to the one-on-one online trading training sessions as well as four private trading sessions. You also gain access to the event room twice a month where you get to interact with other investors and get to learn from each other’s experiences. As a platinum Online Trading account investor, you get the opportunity to trade with Finexro’s Investments Mirror Trader and RoboX.

With the platinum Online Trading account, you can make a trading commission with up to 25% discount. A relationship manager is assigned with you so you are provided with assistance throughout your trading journey.

Premium Online Trading Account

When it comes to the top level of trading and investment, Finexro’s ‘Premium’ trading account is a perfect choice. If you a successful investor who knows how to make big bucks, then this account is the right choice. This account provides you the opportunity to make as large investments as possible in the most high-end trading markets and make huge commissions.

If you find yourself to be the best investor in the world, you can try out your luck and skills by getting your hands on this account, which would cost a minimum of €250,000 in the form of a deposit. Similar to all other accounts, having your hands on the premium Online Trading account grants you full access to the Finexro’s online trading academy program. You get to have one-on-one training sessions.

You are also entitled to the daily newsletter sent by the Finexro community to their investors. The sole purpose of this newsletter is to keep you posted on the latest turn of events and prices in the crypto-assets. Based on the information provided through the newsletters, you can make decisions that would bring back the positive outcomes. It is the case with the SMS notification system where you receive notifications for either the preferred assets or general updates.

When you have access to the premium Online Trading account, all the benefits that you have are on the top level such as eight private trading training sessions, 4 times month access to the event room for interaction with other investors, trading commission with up to 50% discount.

Apart from the above benefits, you get the chance to trade with Finexro’s Investments Mirror Trader and RoboX. You also get to trade with the trading central premium signals. Then, there is the relationship manager who I always ready to guide you and keep you pointed in the right direction.

Finexro Crypto Trading Accounts

General Benefits for All Crypto Trading Account Types

Finexro has also made the following services available for its users without any hidden charges or conditions. These services are in place to accommodate investors to trade in the most convenient and user-friendly environment:

Online Chat Support

As the name suggests if you ever find yourself stuck with a complex situation and cannot find any solution to it, you can simply open the Finexro website and ask Finexro’s online chat support representative to guide you and help you find a solution to your problem.

Demo Account

While the majority of the low-end and average type online trading brokerages focus on having the investors spend money to even learn the basics, Finexro adopts a rather different kind of approach. If you wish to trade through Finexro and are hesitant towards making any investments, Finexro has just the right solution to your problem.

Instead of having their investors pay before they can start trading, Finexro has introduced a demo account, which acts as a sandbox for the investors and provides them the replicated version of the real-time trading environment. Investors can use this environment to learn the basics of trading and once they feel that they are ready, they can go ahead and open up an Online Trading account with Finexro.

All Trading Platforms

Similar to other high-end Online Trading brokerages, Finexro also provides its investors the access to the global trading platforms. Therefore, if you are trading through Finexro, you can stop worrying whether a certain trading market would be available or not.


If you are trading with Finexro, then you will have the opportunity to trade with a maximum leverage of 1:30. Whereas, you can benefit from the professional account leverage, which is 1:200.


If you are keen to learn more from the best traders and analysts in the Online Trading market, then you ought to try the Webinars that are conducted every month to share the latest news, development, and progress in the Online Trading platform.

The Perfect Trading Platform for the Investors

For Finexro, it is all about providing investors with the most convenient and user-friendly trading environment. To achieve this, Finexro has arranged one of the most prominent online trading platforms for their investors, which is adopted by the rest of the high-end online trading brokerages

MetaTrader 4

Among all the online trading platforms, MetaTrader 4 is one of the best platforms that the majority of the high-end brokerages tend to adopt to attract more investors and provide them with the best features currently being provided by any online trading platform.

MetaTrader 4 has been developed keeping in mind the traders who want every single feature and tool laid out to them in the simplest manner. The platform provides investors with the most user-friendly and state of the art trading interface.

Furthermore, the trading platform offers investors with a vast variety of trading charts, historical reports/data, algorithmic trading, latest news bulletin, buy/sell start, buy/sell stop, access to global trading markets, quick execution feature, and access for trading in several assets.

Another feature that makes MetaTrader 4 stand out against all other brokerages is more than 30 languages that it can support for the investors to trade-in.

Finexro MT4

MetaTrader 4 on Web & Smartphones

For Finexro, MetaTrader 4 is not limited to just the MetaTrader 4 operating system. The hardworking developing team at MetaTrader 4 has managed to develop and integrate the MetaTrader 4 trading platform onto the Web Browsers (Chrome, Firefox & Safari, etc.) and Smartphones (Android & iOS). With this new development and integration, the Finexro team has successfully targeted two new markets, which would find it extremely convenient for themselves to perform trades with a single or a tap.

This would allow investors to trade from anywhere they want. All they would be required to have are their credentials for them to log into their trading accounts.

Finexro’s Unique Trading Instruments

For Finexro, it is all about the betterment and growth of the investors in the trading market. This is why Finexro does not want to hold back when it comes to providing investors with a variety of trading options:

Forex Trading

Forex trading refers to the sale, purchase, or trading of foreign currencies such as USD, GBP, JPY or EUR, etc. However, in Forex, the currencies exist in the form of pairs that can be USD/GBP, JPY/EUR or USD/EUR, etc.

If an investor wishes to invest in Forex, they can simply get their hands on a particular currency pair. Then all they are required to do is keep a close eye on the forex trading market trends and the price fluctuations of the pair that you have in your possession. If the situation looks favorable and the investor sells the currency, they can make a huge amount of profits based on their investment amount.

Of all the online trading assets, Forex trading is the largest trading asset as per capitalization. At present, around $5 trillion worth of forex transactions are being processed per day, which towers over the capitalization of the stocks and indices trading platforms combined.

Indices Trading

In indices trading, the investors are not required to buy shares or assets of a company, as they have to do in Stocks trading. The Indices trading requires the investors to keep an eye on a single index, which is comprised of the collective asset value of several companies representing a country or a region. Based on the volatility of the index, the investor can call for either a long position (meaning prices will go up) or a short position (meaning prices will go down).

If the outcome goes in the investor’s favor, the investor makes a profit based on the price he set at the time of the call a position.

Commodity Trading

Commodity trading refers to the trading of goods and resources acquired from the earth’s surface. The acquisition process can be divided into three major procedures, which include agriculture, drilling, and mining.

Commodity trading is the only trade that has existed, longer than any other trade in the history of humankind. It is also divided into two sub-categories that are soft commodities, which include corn, maize, cotton, wheat, coffee beans, etc. and hard commodities, which include oil, gold, silver, copper, etc.

In commodity trading, the investor can choose a particular commodity, keep a track of its price, and demand in the market. If the situation turns favorable, the investor can then sell the commodity to make profits.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency Trading is the newest member of the online trading list of instruments. It was introduced back in 2009 when an anonymous figure going by a pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto, developed the very first cryptocurrency (Bitcoin).

Since the launch of the first-ever cryptocurrency, more than six thousand cryptocurrencies have been developed and launched by hundreds of programmers.

The cryptocurrency industry is decentralized in nature and offers people the ability to make transactions without sharing personal information and even incurring low processing fees. Similar to forex, the investors in the crypto-trading can choose one out of many cryptocurrencies, keep a track of its price, and sell it if the price of the currency rises.

Finexro Cryptocurrency Trading

Stocks Trading

Out of all the trading instruments in the online trading market, Stock trading is one of the most popular and a very volatile market. Stocks refer to the assets of a company that it puts on public sale. With this business technique, companies can improve their services and expand their operations through development programs with the funds acquired through stocks.

In stocks trading, one can simply buy the stocks of any particular company that has its assets put on public platforms for purchasing. If the investor buys and keeps the stocks under his possession for the prices of the stocks to mature, he can then sell the product to make profits.

Make Your Choice

At the end of the day, no matter how attractive or promising an online trading platform may seem, risks would always be there and may find a way to ruin your plans. Therefore, you need to decide whether you can take the pressure or not. If not, then it is recommended that you find a new way of making online money.



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