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First-Ever Bitcoin Transaction Was Made To Computer Scientist Hal Finney

Twelve years have now passed since Bitcoin (BTC), the first-ever decentralized digital currency came into existence in the year 2009. Today marks the day when the first-ever Bitcoin transaction was made twelve years ago. When Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin, introduced this digital currency, he sent away 10 Bitcoin (BTC) in the first BTC transaction.

Hal Finney Received First-Ever BTC Transaction

According to the data provided by Bitcoin Explorer, the first-ever transaction of the world’s largest digital currency by market cap Bitcoin took place on the 12th of January in 2009. Hal Finney, a computer scientist, was the first person to whom the first-ever BTC transaction was made. In this transaction, he received an amount of 10 BTC from Satoshi Nakamoto. The amount is currently worth over $345k at the present price value of Bitcoin, which is standing at around $34,500. However, at that time, the worth of this amount was very low as compared to now.

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Back in 2009, Finney also issued a statement in a forum post of Bitcointalk where he said that he was given with ten tokens in BTC by Satoshi. He said that Satoshi gave him these digital coins as a test. He also claimed that he was the person that mined block-70 or something.

Finney was not only the first person to receive the first transaction of BTC, but also he was the second-ever individual who ran Bitcoin at that time after Satoshi Nakamoto.

Some people in the cryptocurrency industry even believe that he was the real creator of Bitcoin or in other words, the real Satoshi Nakamoto. However, no one knows truly the real identity of the creator of Bitcoin, and it still remains a mystery which is yet to be resolved.

Since the day of its establishement, the top-ranked digital currency has witnessed impressive growth and development so far. At that time, the value of this digital currency was worth nothing, but now its price value is standing at around $34,500. Bitcoin has even recorded its all-time high value above the figure of $41,000. Apart from being the world’s largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, it has also succeeded to enter into the list of the world’s top assets by market value.

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