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First Ever NFT For a WWE Legend

In a recent announcement, the WWE has revealed that it will develop an NFT that exemplifies the wrestling career of one of its most illustrious fighters – Mark William Calaway. Its launch will be a novel idea for the entertainment firm. The plan is for this 4-tiered NFT to be released close to the wrestle-mania event this weekend.

The WWE and Bitski Are Partners For This Project

The wrestling entertainment giants revealed that it will release an NFT that features the undertake whose real names are Mark William Calaway. One of the main events of this year’s wrestling event will the unveiling of the legendary superstar’s NFTs who recently retired from the sport. The auction will start by 10.30 am et tomorrow, it will lapse after 38 hours, and it is expected that there would be a lot of interest in these NFT series. The auction is expected to end by 11.30 pm on Sunday, April 11th, 2021. The bronze, silver, gold, and platinum are the ranks on offer for the Undertaker’s NFTs. The bronze and silver ranks’ opening bids of $100 and $1,000 apiece are fixed. However, the opening bids for the other two ranks start with $5K and $10K apiece. The champion of the Platinum rank will receive a special WWE championship title belt, a special video message from the undertake himself, hotel accommodation, and other VIP benefits.

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Apart from a customized message and an autographed title belt, the gold tier winner will also receive two front-row seat tickets at either the Friday night Smackdown or the Monday night raw for this year or next year. There are also winning bonuses for winners of the silver and bronze tiers. But theirs are much less than the winners of the other tiers. Since the WWE is partnering with Bitski for this project, all partakers would be required to open or provide their Bitski account, while the winners can expect NFTs in their wallets.

The NFT Mania Continues

The acceptance and adoption of NFTs by industries and celebrities has made it an important topic of discussion in recent times. Other organizations and teams do not want to be left out of the NFT mania. One of them is the Toronto blue, a US major league baseball team, who are also exploring the possibility of tokenizing their properties, intellectual and otherwise. The team’s CEO and the president believe that exploring the NFT dimension can improve fan engagement in the sport.

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NFT’s rising popularity is also being exemplified by Lindsay Lohan who plans to release her unique NFT collection. The popular American sweetheart in films is already in partnership with TRON to release her unique digital art projects.

Even Justin Sun is joining doesn’t want to be left behind as well. He plans to tokenize his recently purchased Picasso painting using the just NFT fund. As reported by tokenhell, Justin Sun purchased not only Picasso’s painting but also Andy Warhol’s three self-portraits.

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