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Florida’s Crypto Street Restaurant Now Accepts All Digital Assets For Food Payments

A unique crypto-themed restaurant is offering shrimp cocktails and hot dogs inspired by SHIB (Shiba Inu) and DOGE (Dogecoin), with consumers highly prizing the Dogedogs. The platform, which is based in Clearwater Beach, is named the Crypto Street Restaurant, and the grand opening thereof was conducted in the earlier phase of this month. The menu thereof contains the names related to prominent terminologies and assets within the crypto space.

The dishes included in the menu take account of Bitcoinana Split, SHIBA Shrimp Cocktail, DeFi Caesar Salad, Crypto Cuban, and Dogedog among the others, whereas the furnishings of the restaurant additionally take account of crypto-themed posters, furniture, and wall art depicting Bitcoin, Elon Musk, Satoshi Nakamoto, and Doge memes. As per Ricardo Varona – the owner of the restaurant – the consumers can recompense for their meals in crypto assets at Crypto Street. Up till now the dogedogs and Shitcoins have been the most prominent.

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The crypto-inspiration

In an interview conducted by Tampa Bay Times on 29th December, Varona expressed that the 24-year-old son thereof initially told him about crypto some years back however at that time he did not seriously consider the crypto sector. With the time nonetheless, he became aware of the subject matter of crypto assets as well as thought about starting a franchise of restaurants that would be compatible with accepting payments in crypto.

Following the prevalence of the pandemic, several problems related to supply chain and expenses became apparent thus Varona changed the plan and set to introduce an all-encompassing crypto-themed venue instead of a chain for the adoption of crypto. He added to have been consistently pondering to translate his thoughts into reality by presenting something unique and related to crypto, finally, he concluded to quit the franchise and begin operating on Crypto Street.

Five stars for the concept or meal?

The restaurant, in a short time of its existence, has been positively reviewed online up till now with successfully obtaining cumulatively eight five-star reviews over Google Reviews and three five-star reviews on Yelp. Eduardo F – a prominent Yelper – remarked that the place was excellent with all the decoration and the marvelous menu options along with friendly staff and he would be pleased to visit the venue. Verona pointed out that the crypto payments could be recompensed through a peer-to-peer or a merchant account straight to the wallet thereof.

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