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GoldenFEX Review – Top Features of the GoldenFEX Trading Platform

GoldenFEX Broker Rating
Account Types9.7
Trading Speed9
Customer Service9.2
GoldenFEX is a recommended online trading platform suited specially for new traders that want to get their feet wet. You can sign up in the link below and start trading with GoldenFEX within a few minutes, or continue reading to learn more about the broker.

GoldenFEX Review

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One of the most notable almost every online trader faces is identifying a dependable trading platform where they can register a trading account and start trading. Selecting the right platform is important to ensure safety of your funds, personal information and make sure you have access to the best trading opportunities available in the market. So which trading platform is best for you and your trading goals?

I would like to recommend the GoldenFEX platform which is an ideal place trade for you regardless of whether you are a new trader or an experienced one with several years of trading experience. The following is a detailed review of the top features of the GoldenFEX online trading platform.

24/6 Customer Support to All Traders

One of the prime features of GoldenFEX is that they provide 24/6 customer assistance to all traders who use their platform. You may reach out to their team via email or the form put up on their website. Just ask your query or explain the particular issue you are facing and one of their representatives will get back to you promptly with the solution. You can ask them anything you want regardless of which stage you are in your online trading journey. Whether it’s a query related to the Online Academy, general guidance about how to navigate the trading software or anything else, the GoldenFEX customer support team have got you covered.

Their customer service is also very swift and you can expect one of their people to respond to your question or concern within 24 hours. You can rest assured their team will not leave you hanging if you are stuck in a main problem. In addition, their customer support team features trading experts who are well versed regarding everything to know about online trading. Hence, you can count on them to provide you with the best possible support.  

Ease of Accessibility from All Devices

You have the advantage of accessing the GoldenFEX trading platform from any compatible device. Such devices include tablets, smart phone, laptops and desktops. You may choose whichever device you want to login your trading account and begin trading. If you have a busy life and are on the go most of the time, I would recommend aligning in your account on your smart phone as accessing the software on this device is more convenient when you are travelling constantly. Similarly, when you are home, you might want to opt for the laptop screen as that can be more comfortable. That said, the final choice regarding which screen to use is totally up to you.

One thing is for certain- the user experience is fantastic no matter which device you use to access the GoldenFEX trading platform. You will not have to experience any glitches or delay when you are navigating their platform.

GoldenFEX Security Infrastructure

There is no denying that top notch security is very important when it comes to online trading. If there is a weak spot in the security network of the trading platform, a cyber criminal might capitalize on that, break in and access the personal information of the registered users. Hence, it is important for the trader to trade in a completely secure  environment where there is no risk to their personal details or their funds.

I would like to point out that GoldenFEX has implemented strict security protocols to ensure safety of all traders. They use firewall systems, SSL certificates and encrypted software to protect user data. The latter is advanced technology designed in a way to encrypt the data of all traders completely. Hence the information becomes meaningless to any person who is not authorized to access it.

The firewall serves to keep all intruders and hackers from sneaking in the database and wreaking havoc! The SSL certificates provide peace of mind to the traders that they can trade without any worry on the platform.

Algo Trading

In case you did not know already, Algo trading is a recently introduced feature that some online trading companies have adopted. This is a very useful feature which makes the life of online traders considerably easy. It is basically a computer program that analyzes various trades and places them based on the set of instructions you provide the algorithm. The advantage here for you is that since you do not place the trades manually, a lot of your time is freed which you can use for other things. In addition, the computer program works at a blazing speed to analyze trading patterns and then executes trades. Since it is able to place maximum trades in a certain time frame, you can inflate your profit margins quickly.

Low Spreads and Commissions

Spreads and commission is what you have to pay to your online broker for each trade that you execute. How this works is that whatever returns you get, the broker will keep a portion of that money as a few. Some brokers have high spreads and commissions while others do not charge as much. The good news is that GoldenFEX falls in the latter category.

 The brokers have low spreads and what that means is that you pocket most of your earning as you do not pay too much to the broker. As a result, you can maximize your returns much quickly than someone who has registered an account with a broker who charges high commissions. There is also no hidden costs involved that can be sprung at you at the 11th hour.

Bottom Line

So are you ready to jump on the online trading bandwagon? GoldenFEX is a very good platform you can consider to register a trading account with them. They have all the useful features and are very reliable and trustworthy. That is precisely why they have established a strong reputation in the financial world. If you still have any queries regarding the services they provide, feel free to reach out to their customer support team who will be happy to assist you.

Drugi Zawadzki (Poland)

Second Zawadzki is a new author for Tokenhell. He is a cryptocurrency investor and enthusiast and writes news and reviews on this website.

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