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“Governments will be Buying BTC Directly from Miners,” says Max Keiser

Bitcoin’s vocal and famous TV personality Max Keiser says Bitcoin will increase 40-80x, and he predicts an intermediate goal of $28,000 for Bitcoin.

According to Keiser, traders of BTC futures are suppressing the BTC price so that institutional investors put their capital in the world’s leading digital asset. Once the Bitcoin onboard bullish cycle, giant institutions, and governments will buy Bitcoin directly from miners.

Intermediate Target: $28,000

Keiser explains that price suppression on the part of futures traders is for “the world’s poor” and in the future, it will show a 40-80x growth. According to his “forensic analysis of the BTC market,” the intermediate goal of Bitcoin is to claim $28,000 as institutional investors are boarding themselves in the BTC race towards $400,000.

Once the Bitcoin catch the level of $28k, the retail market will “dry up” and we will see a new trend of BTC purchasing by corporations, institutions, and governments.

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According to Keiser, prominent investor Warrant Buffet could his “wealth hyperinflate to nothing” because he has not the exposure of Bitcoin at all. In the past, Keiser stated Buffet would buy BTC when the price would reach $50,000 per coin.

However, Buffet is not a supporter of Bitcoin as he called it a “rat poison.” He then claimed Bitcoin has no value after his charity dinner with famous crypto personality Justin Sun, founder of TRON.

Buffet, recently, put significant capital in gold mining company while decreasing his share in leading banks such as Wells Fargo & Co and JPMorgan Chase & Co. Keiser stated gold investors “will see their wealth take a relative nosedive against investors that are 100% BTC.”

Bitcoin to $20,000

Mohit Sorout, the founding partner at Bitazu Capital, predicts Bitcoin will reach $20,000 in the next three months.  Bitcoin volatility is low over recent months, which means a breakout is imminent. So, in the next three months, we can see volatility in the upward direction.

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At press time, Bitcoin is trading at $11,437 after a slight increase of 0.52% in the previous 24-hours.

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