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Grand Theft Auto Players will be Paid in Cryptocurrencies on the GTA 6 Edition

The fan following of the Grand Theft Auto gaming Franchise can be counted in millions around the world. The virtual reality game that is notorious for promoting street crime and violence has its followers locked in for the latest edition called GTA 6. The last online universe version of GTA 5 sold about 140 million copies worldwide and has become some of the most well-known games in the world. At the time, the players are eagerly waiting for the new series.

As happens with all anticipated gaming franchises, the gaming community is eager to know about any new information related to the new series. A reliable game information leaker has recently taken to Twitter to announce that the players might be able to earn some cryptocurrencies as payment for buying cool game items and limited edition collectibles. 

GTA 6 Players might be Able to Earn Bitcoin while Playing

Tom Henderson is an infamous gaming enthusiast and insider. He recently tweeted that GTA 6 players would be incentivized with cryptocurrencies. GTA 6 has yet to be introduced to the players by the developing company Rockstar Games. The gaming company has enthralled the interest of many in the crypto space. Henderson added that he has heard that players might even earn Bitcoin as rewards.

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It should be noted that last year game developers introduced $500K GTA dollars for the game players to give them incentives. The development enterprise also introduces special discounts for discord account holders and many sales purchase options for limited edition products in the games like cars and weapons. Nevertheless, it would be better to take the word of Henderson with a grain of salt.

Can Gaming Endorsements Introduce Price Appreciation for Bitcoin?

Where a lot of crypto and gaming community members are overjoyed with the rumors of earning Bitcoin from the GTA 6 edition, many are skeptical. It seems that Henderson, who has leaked the new information, has also claimed that the new edition would include a female protagonist. He has also rightly predicted many gaming news about other franchises like Call of Duty and Battlefield.

However, it seems that his recent tweets about GTA 6 and Bitcoin connection have been misinterpreted. He claims that he was able to ascertain that the gaming franchise would be introducing a new gaming currency from a reliable source. It might not necessarily be Bitcoin, but it would be some type of cryptocurrency that could be used to make transactions within the game.

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