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Grayscale Once Again Starts Accepting New Investors As It Re-opens Crypto Trusts

After putting its cryptocurrency trusts on a pause for new investors, the leading cryptocurrency fund management company Grayscale Investments has once again opened a large number of its cryptocurrency trusts for its new clients. New investors now, once again, can make investments into crypto trusts of Grayscale and can gain exposure to digital currencies.

Later in the month of December, the crypto fund manager Grayscale closed the doors of its crypto trusts for new customers or investors including the firm’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) which is by far the largest trust fund of the company. Only new investors were not allowed to access these trusts during this periodic pause. This pause was not meant for the other existing clients who still had access to all of the trusts of the firm. They continued to purchase shares in these trusts during this time period.

As far as the new investors are concerned, it was a temporary pause for them as well. The firm now has once again opened the doors of a large number of its crypto trust funds for new clients. They are now allowed to make investments and purchase shares in trusts in a bid to build exposure to digital currencies.

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Reportedly, the company has resumed access to its Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund Trust and the Bitcoin trust fund for customers. The company’s second-largest trust fund Grayscale Ethereum Trust has not been opened so far for new investors. As of now, it is not accessible to new clients. While on the other hand, the company’s XRP trust fund is also not available for users as it is not active. The XRP trust might remain unavailable for users as the fourth-ranked crypto belongs to the San Francisco-based blockchain payments giant Ripple which is currently in a legal fight with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Grayscale usually puts pauses periodically on its trust funds for new investors and then opens them again after a certain period of time. The company’s trust funds are a great way for the United States customers to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies, including the leading digital currency Bitcoin and many others.

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