Greg Collett Dumps Gold Society For Blockchain Firm

While the idea of leaving Gold for Cryptocurrency is one that many investors have been flirting around for a while, many professionals are beginning to switch careers towards the booming cryptocurrency space. The growth of the blockchain space is attracting the investors and the talents of other rival spaces, as the crypto market continues to be the most sought-after space.

Fortunately for Blockchain trading firm BlockFi, they have now appointed Greg Collet from World Gold Councill (WGC) as their new head of investment products. This appointment comes from the belief that Greg will utilize his experience, exposure, and talent to bolster the growth of BlockFi.

Greg’s portfolio makes him the perfect man for the job

Speaking to the press, BlockFi’s CEO Zac Prince expressed his delight at convincing Greg Collet to work with his firm. Zac believes that Greg’s coming will boost the firm’s fortunes, as they set their sights on expansion in the next few months. Greg was also the head of investment at WGC, where his outstanding success in the role was exceptional and productive.

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During his time with the Gold industry players, Greg was known for creating innovative products and services that added value and generated massive revenue for WGC. The top-class expert is expected to perform the same duties in his new role, as BlockFi aims to be the number one crypto trading and lending platform n the Blockchain space.

Gregg, before working with WGC, also spent six years at Germany’s Deutsche Bank. While at Deutsch bank, Gregg served as a director, counsel, and vice president of the financial institution. His success in the role, which led to creating the inaugural commodity Exchange-traded fund (ETF), led to the professional being captured by WGC.

Gregg and BlockFi are a match made in heaven

The success of BlockFi in the last year has been nothing short of remarkable. The New-York based company has raised more than $160 million in several funding series, with assets under its management worth about $4 billion. It is also worthy to note that despite several economic crises ravaging many capital firms last year, BlockFi made the most of its to bolster its services and investment. It also now owns about 4% of investment in Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust.

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The Blockchain firm had also witnessed two separate record-breaking interest payments to its customers. The first interest payment was in January when it paid a record $20 million to its customers and another last month when it paid out a whopping $35 million in interest to its growing customer base.

The firm is currently in the right state, and the addition of a proven winner like Greg Collet will only mean that the blockchain space is set to see more of these successes. However, the perfect timing and affiliated success of both suggest that the new expert, Greg Collett and BlockFi, are a match made in heaven.

Adebayo Owotunse (Nigeria)

Adebayo Owotunse is a versatile writer who has written hundreds of crypto articles for dozens of agencies across the years. He is now also the newest addition to the Tokenhell writers team.

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