Hacking Group Donate Bitcoin Worth $20,000 To Two Charities

A group of hackers has shown a high level of kindness after donating Bitcoin worth about $10,000 to two non-profit organizations.

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According to the hackers, donating the bitcoins to the non profit organization pushes their agenda of wanting the world to become a better place for everybody.

Going by the latest report published by leading news outlets, BBC News, this act of kindness from the hacking groups has confused many cybercrime experts. The confusion is not far fetched as the Darkside hackers have not done something like this in previous times as the group has always stolen funds for personal gain.

Hackers want charities to accept cash gifts

The recipients of the hackers cash gifts were two charities; The Water Project and Children International. The hacking group also took to the dark web where they shared receipts of the transactions.

Despite the act of kindness on the part of the hackers, Children International has announced that they will not accept the cash gifts as long as it is coming from the hackers. “if the hackers were the one that sent it, then we are not keeping it”, the spokesperson said.

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Knowing that the charities might not accept the cash gifts, the hackers released a statement that said, “We think that it’s fair that some of the money the companies have paid will go to charity.

“No matter how bad you think our work is, we are pleased to know that we helped change someone’s life. Today we sent (sic) the first donations,” the group said. Despite these words, it is still unknown if the charities will change their minds and accept the money.

TGB promises to return the bitcoin to the rightful owners

Experts have shown their disbelief at this single act of kindness from the hackers since it didn’t fit how they operated in the past. A cybercrime expert, Brett Callow, has said that there is something fishy behind the cash gift and the hackers are probably up to no good.

“What the criminals hope to achieve by making these donations is not at all clear. Perhaps it helps assuage their guilt? Or perhaps for egotistical reasons, they want to be perceived as Robin Hood-like characters rather than conscienceless extortionists. Whatever their motivations, it’s certainly a very unusual step and is, as far as I know, the first time a ransomware group has donated a portion of their profits to charity”, Brett said.

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A look into how the cash gifts were facilitate shows that the hackers opted to use an anonymous digital currency donations platforms, The Giving Block (TGB).

The main reason why the hackers used the platform was that the platform allowed people to donate digital assets to investments and business anonymously. A report has claimed that about 67 firms have received payments anonymously via the platform. TGB noted that it was not originally aware that the hackers sent the bitcoins but has calmed the tension in the air by announcing that it would return the digital assets back to the rightful owners.


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