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How to Earn Passively on Web3 Social Media Platform

One of the Web3 projects that has been making headlines over the last few weeks is The decentralized social media platform lets users tokenize their accounts. This is undeniably a great concept, but at the moment, most people only want to know how they can make money on Well, stay tuned. This article teaches you how to set up a account and the various ways to earn passively on the platform.

How to Earn Income on

On, every user account is regarded as a social token, letting other users invest in it. Here is an example to help you understand better: Let’s say your friend Anthony has a account that he uses to post content you enjoy. You can buy shares, also known as keys, of his account. As more users acquire Anthony’s account shares, their price increases, giving you an opportunity to make profits by selling your shares.

Moreover, if you open a account and manage to gain a large following, you can earn passively by imposing a fee on other users who trade your account shares.

Another way to earn on is through airdrops. The Web3 social media platform is currently on an invite-only version, and all participating users are eligible for future token airdrops as long as they collect the required points.

How to Set Up a Account

The first step of making money on is to create an account. The platform can run on a desktop or a smartphone. We will teach you how to use it on the latter.

How Access on Mobile

It’s important to mention that is only accessible via the Mobile Safari browser as of August 2023. Therefore, you need to have this browser installed on your phone first. After doing so, type “” on the URL box and search. Once the social media platform opens, tap the “Add to Home Screen” button, and a shortcut-like icon for will appear. Tap it, then type your valid email.

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As we mentioned earlier, is available as an invite-only platform for now. Therefore, you will need an invite code to continue the registration process. Enter any of these two: ft-4rrbbn4f or ft-4n05k2hh. Next, complete the account setup by connecting it with your X account. Now it is time to add funds to your wallet to start buying shares of other accounts.

How to Deposit Funds in a Wallet

There are a few aspects to take into consideration when depositing money into your wallet. Firstly, the decentralized social media platform only accepts ETH. The minimum amount you can deposit is 0.01 ETH. Secondly, operates on the Ethereum scaling solution, Base. Therefore, only send ETH through this network.

If you’re holding ETH tokens on the Ethereum blockchain in your MetaMask, then you must first bridge them to Base. To do so, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Select a bridging platform. In our case, we opt for Orbiter Finance.

Step 2: Go to and click “L2 Bridge” on the homepage.

Step 3: Connect Your MetaMask Wallet.

Step 4: On the “Token” box, choose ETH, and on the “From” and “To” boxes, select Ethereum and Base, respectively. Now enter the amount of ETH to bridge to your Base address and tap “Send.” Orbiter Finance will display a preview of the transaction. If you find the details okay, press “Confirm and Send.” Your base-compatible ETH should reach your MetaMask in under a minute.

How to Transfer ETH to Your Wallet

Follow these steps to deposit funds to your wallet:

Step 1: In your MetaMask wallet, switch the network from the Ethereum mainnet to Base.

Step 2: Go to your wallet and copy the base address for depositing ETH.

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Step 3: Paste that address on your MetaMask wallet and enter the amount of ETH to be transferred. Next, preview the transaction and hit “Send.”

The funds should reflect in your wallet in under 10 minutes.

How to Withdraw Funds From

Assuming you bought some account shares whose prices skyrocketed, thus helping you to realize profits, here is how you can withdraw your earnings.

Step 1: Go to’s “Withdraw” tab.

Step 2: Enter the amount of ETH to be withdrawn and the Base address to which the funds will be sent. You can copy this address from your MetaMask wallet.

Step 3: Preview the transaction and press “Transfer.”

That’s it. You’ve successfully withdrawn your earnings.

Final Thoughts provides unique ways for people to earn passive income in the Web3 space. However, it is worth noting that the shares you buy on this decentralized platform could lose value anytime. Therefore, invest what you’re willing to lose.

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