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Huobi Global Plans to Debut New Bitcoin Options Trading in Q3

Huobi Global, one of the leading digital derivatives and exchange platforms in the world, has recently announced that it is planning to debut options trading in the coming months. Talking about the launching of the options trading, Huobi further said in their official announcement that the options trading that would be debuted on the derivatives would be Bitcoin options. With the firm’s recent growth, its offering market place has grown considerably over a short period. In previous months, the firm launched a new bi quarterly futures trading for Bitcoin.

Huobi Global Bitcoin options currently undergoing Alpha testing

Last week Monday, Huobi announced that it would launch options trading for traders in the crypto space, including institutional and individual traders. With the Bitcoin Options trading set to be launched in the coming months in this third quarter, the firm has noted that it is still undergoing alpha testing. The firm further stated that as soon as the trial is finally completed, the services would be released on their API and Web address.

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Bitcoin options that share close similarities to futures products are among the most popular aspects of the derivatives offering market. The critical difference between both entities is that while traders on Bitcoin futures are expected to sell or buy assets at a stipulated price when it expires, options traders are not. As the name goes, Bitcoin options give traders the advantage of many options over being obligated to do specific things.

Huobi derivatives market undergoing commendable growth

As a result of its cost efficiency features, among other vital reasons, Bitcoin options trading has grown more popular among traders in the crypto space. Another reason why traders flock to Bitcoin options is that it is less risky than other modes or forms of trades. According to the options premium report, traders stand to suffer a massive loss if things go sideways. While Options market can be used as a hedge, the spot market cannot provide traders with that luxury.

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Huobi has also gassed its traders up as it announced that they can now hold certain specific positions on the Bitcoin options market, which will start from 0.001 BTC. Compared to other trading websites, Huobi said it would provide traders on its platform to begin their trade with as low as $10. Huobi has gained massive popularity as a result of its new feature, especially with the launch of the new bi-quarterly futures contract for Bitcoin.

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