IBM to Launch its Blockchain-Browser using Peer-to-Peer Technology

There are various browsers based on the blockchain technology that is running efficiently and has good feedback of users. A lot of technology firms and companies are investing in projects that are based on the technology of blockchain.

The IBM company is one of the prominent and largest technology companies.  The mentioned firm is exploring and doing a pile of research work from the last many years, so it is not astonishing news about launching a browser.

Submission of Patent

On 6th August, the company had submitted a patent in the Patent and Trademark office of the United States. The striking features of this new upcoming browser differentiate it from other traditional platforms. It will prevent the data of users from any kind of scamming attacks as quoted in the document.

As such, the blockchain is updated more frequently (frequency of transmitting the transactions associated with the one or more user’s browser events from the computer to the peer-to-peer network of devices), such that if the computer… is attacked, the blockchain will contain the most current web browser history

The users will need to use the token that will filter the session activities including:

  • Program or service execution results
  • Generated queries
  • User cohort and context
  • Risk assessment, and forecast

The Data Stored on the Public Ledger

The browser will keep all the browsing data of the users on the blockchain ledger privately and will not accessible to others. The whole data is stored on the blockchain and will not be hacked or attacked by any malicious attack.

The gateway to data has only access to the owner and will obtain everything whenever he wants. The third-party has zero roles in this whole procedure that evaluates it as a decentralized platform. In case, if one doesn’t want to keep his information personally then it will automatically place on the public ledger and everyone can see it.

According to the application of Patent:

’In one or more embodiments of the present invention, a computer-implemented method records and maintains a record of browser events in a blockchain using a peer-to-peer network.

What do you think about IBM’s browser using blockchain technology? Express your views in the comment section.

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