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India to Consider Cryptocurrency Regulations Rather Than a Ban

After discussing banning crypto activities, India is now planning to change the events. Recent reports suggest that the Indian government had formulated a new board of professionals to implement precise crypto regulations.

Events Change in India

India has remained uncertain about cryptocurrency accomplishments for years. In 2018, an Indian bank banned all its clients involved with crypto assets. However, the Indian Supreme Court overturned that stand after two years.

Although the residents we open to accept crypto trading, the regulators continued to insist on a ban. Keep in mind that different individuals and institutions across the globe have indulged in the crypto business. It seems like India is skeptical about crypto decisions due to the returns the industry has for now.

In March, there were reports that India was planning to criminalize cryptocurrency dealings. That means that the country would consider anyone involved in the crypto market a criminal.

The Economic Times reported that the Indian government could reverse its crypto trading decisions. That is after given institutions opposed the harsh measures towards crypto trading. The statement quoting three sources informed of interior negotiations declared that the regulators might formulate a board of experts. The officials will study whether there are possibilities for India to consider crypto regulations instead of banning the industry.

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The new approach aims to address what Subhash Gard recommended back in 2019. The former financial secretary advised the Indian government to ban residents from indulging in crypto business. However, the new board sees his recommendations as outdated.

Different nations are revisiting their crypto regulations at the moment. For instance, the US OCC plans to review its rules regarding cryptocurrency business.

Digital Assets or Currencies

Moreover, the sources stated that the Indian finance ministry revisited its decisions after the current surges in most digital coins. You cannot doubt that 2021 has been a smooth year for crypto undertakings. Different assets have witnessed an increase in value in trading volumes. That follows locals embracing cryptocurrency.

The committee further announced that it will use blockchain to enhance technology and find new crypto regulation ways to rule crypto objects as digital assets and not currencies.

Furthermore, the board plans to work with the country’s central bank concerning the launch of a digital rupee.

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