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iTrustCapital Review – Is iTrustCapital Scam or Legit?

iTrustCapital Broker Rating
Account Types8.8
Trading Speed9.2
Customer Service9.5
Read our iTrustCapital review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this iTrustCapital review before you sign up with the broker.

iTrustCapital Review

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The world is ever-evolving, and as the day goes by, many inventions are coming up. Businesses and career paths are changing, most especially at the wavelength of the internet pace. People are shifting focus to online careers and investments and keying into the idea of earning a living from their comfort zones. The financial market is one of the most potent and profitable sectors for investment. A significant number of people are beginning to venture into investments in the financial market. However, investment, especially in the financial market, appears to be very volatile and risky, but “information they say is key.” With the appropriate information and proper guidance, anyone can have a profitable investment in the financial market. As a trader, always seek to acquire adequate information about the financial market before committing resources. This write-up would be discussing iTrustCapital Broker Review to help you understand its features and modes of operation.

As an investor in the financial market, a broker or an exchange platform would be needed because you need a platform that serves as an agent that connects you as an investor to the market to invest and trade the financial market. There are many brokerage companies and platforms available. It is necessary to know that choosing which platform to use is not a simple one as not all exchange platforms or brokers are legitimate. There are features to look out for in an exchange platform or brokerage site to determine which platform to entrust your funds with and differentiate legitimate from scam.

Firstly, as an investor, the key factor while accessing a broker’s legitimacy and useability is to look at the general trading conditions and the trade executing setups. That helps one to understand what it involves in terms of leverage offered, types of commissions and conditions under which commissions, charges are deducted, and other offerings. Also, trading assets and instruments available on the platform is another feature that needs to be accessed by investors in other to evaluate if they meet investor’s trading requirements. A good exchange platform is expected to be user-friendly and easy to navigate through. It should have a support system, security, account supervision, and trade execution should adequately be provided. Services provided must also be flexible such that traders of different trading styles and patterns can conveniently use the platform, either a professional or newbie trader.

Talking about fair exchange platforms or brokers in the financial market, an extraordinary model that strikes a chord is the iTrustCapital platform. Right here is a comprehensive iTrustCapital review that will give you the necessary insight into the platform’s overall working. We would describe iTrustCapital’s best characteristics and highlights that make it a good exchange platform to use. After then, you would now be able to decide if the platform is best for you.




Trading Platform


Trading Options

Cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash,

Minimum Deposit


No maximum amount

Insurance Security

Curv is used to secure cryptocurrency assets. Metals are protected using the Royal Canadian Mint


Not applicable

ITrustCapital is a U.S based investment agency located in Irvine, California, and was established by leaders of the alternative investment IRA industry. The primary advanced digital asset IRA trading platform permits clients or investors to directly purchase and trade cryptocurrencies and real Gold in real-time through their retirement accounts. iTrustCapital’s progressive, IRS-compliant exchange platform does away with the expensive failures and obsolete cycles of past IRA models. Thus, it opens the entryway for investors to securely and legitimately move funds from their retirement accounts into cryptocurrency and real Gold markets – at a rate 90% lower than other IRA companies. iTrustCapital will likely engage 10million investors to take part in the financial development that a blockchain future holds.

iTrustCapital website

iTrustCapital platform is now considered one of the top choices for crypto traders and investors because of its excellent direct, flexible and useable platform. It is also the best choice for investors who intend to add Gold, Silver, or Cryptocurrencies to their IRA, investors interested in long-term cryptocurrency investment, and newbies in cryptocurrency investment. iTrustCapital makes it possible for investors at their retirement age to decide if they would want to take profits in cash or assets invested in.

Todd Southwick, the chief executive officer of iTrustCapital, runs the agency together with Blake Skadron, the chief operating officer. Todd (CEO) has over 20years of experience in the financial market, while Blake (COO) boasts about ten years of sales and management experience.

Let us discuss the features and characteristics of iTrustCapital and see what differentiates it from others and how it fits your requirements.


Cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, became a legal digital currency in the U.S, U.K., Canada, Japan, and other developing countries. In the U.S, Bitcoin is regarded as a property rather than a legal tender. That currently makes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies taxable, drawing the interest of governmental agencies like IRA.


With iTrustCapital, there are varieties of assets to invest in using a self-directed IRA. Some of these assets include;

Bitcoin: among the world’s first cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin stays the most well-known digital currency with a current, complete market capitalization of more than $610 billion.

Ethereum: this is the 2nd biggest digital currency. The Ethereum market and its token are imperative segments in the growing universe of decentralized applications.

Bitcoin Cash: this is a branch of the first bitcoin project that endeavors to improve versatility issues. At the moment, it is the 7th biggest cryptocurrency with a complete market capitalization of more than $7.4billion.

Litecoin: in some cases, it is referred to as the “silver to bitcoin’s gold.” It enhances Bitcoin’s blockchain foundation with quicker preparation speeds.

EOS: this is perceived to be “the most sophisticated infrastructure for decentralized applications.” It is the biggest rival of the Ethereum network.

iTrustCapital is looking forward to introducing some other cryptocurrencies to their platform. These cryptocurrencies include; Chainlink ( LINK) and Stellar Lumens. It is important to note that iTrustCapital does not make provisions for forex trading. Tradeable assets on this platform are strictly cryptocurrencies, Gold, and Silver.

User Guideline

iTrustCapital provides investors the opportunity to make investments in cryptocurrencies and valuable metals by providing you with a self-coordinated IRA. Some of the features that make iTrustCapital user friendly are;

Step-by-Step guided signup process: if you have never opened an IRA, you may be worried about starting with a self-coordinated account. However, iTrustCpital gives you basic guided information for the signup process that even members would easily navigate through.

Trading Tools: iTrustCapital offers simple trading tools and analysis that anybody can use successfully. Price information for each asset is displayed, place order using labeled “buy” and “sell” icons, and your investments are often changing sometimes with a solitary and effective safe format.

Trading Platform: using iTrustCapital, you can open trading positions at any time of the day and night with around-the-clock services and orders.

Trading Accounts: iTrustCapital profits its investors’ investments through existing or recently created individual retirement accounts IRA.

Deposit And Withdrawals

 iTrustCapital account can be funded through three different methods;

Employer Plans: A retirement plan can be rollover if an investor switches a job for any reason. (401k, 403b, TSP, 457).  This Transfer takes about 3-4 weeks.

Contributions: This involves adding new funds based on yearly guidelines. It takes one week to make this Transfer.

 Transfer an IRA: existing IRAs can be transferred. (Traditional, Roth, SEP, Simple, Inherited). The waiting period for this Transfer is about 1-2 weeks.

In making a withdrawal on iTrustCapital, retirement account investments are expected to start from age 60. Making withdrawal before age 60 attracts a 10% charge, and such withdrawal would be taxed as income.

Educational Tools And Materials

iTrustCapital provides investors or traders with a couple of apparatuses that can be used to study the financial market and valuable metals before committing funds and making investments. Available educational tools on the iTrustCapital platform include;

Cryptocurrency news and updates: if you intend to study iTrustCapital and its foundation before opening your record, you need to enter your email address, and iTrustCapital will send you a free amateur’s manual for putting resources into the financial market. The report sent to you would also entail information detailing features and services that distinguish iTrustCapital from other platforms and some of the benefits of self-directed IRAs.

iTrustCapital Blog: they run a blog site containing many articles that you can browse to learn more about the broker’s assets.

Account opening guidance: You would experience no difficulty opening your IRA account through iTrustCapital regardless of whether this is your first time opening any retirement account. Directions are spread out utilizing an intuitive pattern, and you can run through the platform by moving your cursor around and select components to see and read more information.

Investment Capital, Fees, And Charges

Although traditional IRAs do not make monthly charges, self-directed IRA providers who permit metals’ investments must charge an account maintenance fee. This charge is allocated into tax reporting, which guarantees that your investment is put away in a protected, IRS-authorized facility.

However, iTrustCapital charges all investors a monthly maintenance fee of $29.95. This fee is used to run your account, such as; moving existing assets to your new IRA, setting up a self-directed IRA, moving existing resources for your new IRA, keeping the physical assets held in your account government-authorized facilities, and tax detailing needs.  When you open your account with iTrustCapital, you would be required to link a debit or credit card where your monthly charges would be deducted.

Besides the maintenance fee, you’ll also pay another fee to iTrustCapital each time you invest in your account. A 1% equivalent of trade value is made on cryptocurrencies. Meaning that if you somehow happened to put $8,000 into Bitcoin through your IRA, you would get $7,920 worth of cryptocurrency after your trade clears. In the case of metals, the fees vary depending on the current market price of the metal. The prices of metals are frequently changing; that is, as market demands shift, the amount of Gold or Silver you would be able to invest in using your IRA contributions would vary.

For every amount of Gold at the rate of its current market value, you add to your IRA iTrustCapital charges a fee of $50 and charges $2.50 for every amount of Silver at the rate of its currents market value added to your IRA. Like your cryptocurrency investment, this charge is deducted from the aggregate sum of Gold or Silver that you buy each time you make a trade on iTrustCapital’s exchange platform.

Investment on the iTrustCapital platform requires a minimum capital of $2,500, in addition to an extra deposit of $1,000. Standard IRA investment rules apply with regards to contribution limits and distributions. When you arrive at retirement age, you can decide to settle on withdrawals on your investment instead of selling it and claiming its worth in real money.

Customer Service And Support

iTrustCapital operates a reliable customer service system, and they have different methods of relating with clients and potential clients. Some of the available means of contacting their customer service are;

Live Chat: This is one of the services on the iTrustCapital platform for communicating with a customer service agent. To use this feature, you would have to locate a green button labeled “chat live” on your home screen after logging in to your account.

Placing a Call: on the site, there is a “schedule”  button on the home screen, which helps you schedule a call with an agent. There is also a customer service dial number available for use. Calls are limited to 10 minutes per client due to a large number of customer care calls. Hence, it is essential that you are prepared and your questions are well detailed so that you can get adequate responses within the 10 minutes time frame.

Off-platform Chat: the previous methods discussed above are for clients or investors who have accounts already with iTrustCapital. Provided that you do not have an account yet and intend to relate with a customer service representative, you can achieve this by visiting their official site Use the: “message us” tab, and you would be transferred to a page where you find a contact form and then fill in details of the assistance you may need.

That is how iTrustCapital’s customer service system works, and all methods work accordingly and effectively. There are options you can choose from depending on which methods suit your requirements and personality.

Pros And Cons

So far, we have identified and discussed the key features of the iTrustCapital platform. It will be good to highlight all the positives and negatives of the platform again.


  • It has easy funding methods and processes.
  • It is regulated, insured, and secured by reputable agencies and authorities. (Curv and Royal Canadian Mint).
  • Transaction charges are low. ( 1% charge on cryptocurrency trades).
  • It has an efficient and client-oriented customer support system.
  • Tax-free trading and tax-deferred or tax-free gains.


  • The minimum deposit is $2500.
  • No mobile app yet.
  • 10% charge for withdrawal made before age 60.
  • They have limited trading options. (restricted to only cryptocurrencies and valuable metals).


Provided that you need an IRA provider to assist you with investment in cryptocurrency and valuable metals, iTrustCapital is an outstanding choice to consider. Using this platform, you can acquire a strong portfolio of digital currencies and metals. With lower charges and advanced security, you can make investments without fear but with certainty when you work through iTrustCapital as they champion another era of advanced digital asset investment with a mid to long-term strategy to the advantage of their investors. You would likewise have no issues opening your account, and this is due to the platform’s clear and understandable processes and setups. With a solid U.S foundation and a bold mission to encourage more clients through alternative investment, what is to come is promising, particularly to investors who are now venturing into the cryptocurrency and metals business.

In the future, hopefully, we would get to see iTrustCapital expand its operations by increasing trading options or assets and the invention of a user-friendly mobile App.

Shelly Melancon (Switzerland)

Shelly is a cryptocurrency enthusiast from Switzerland, she bought her first crypto in 2015 when it was way less popular then it is today and since 2017 she has been writing about cryptocurrency for online news portals. Shelly is the newest addition to the Tokenhell team, she writes mostly news and reviews related articles , stay tuned to her posts to stay up to date with the crypto world.

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