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K-Pop Twitter Accounts Used For New Type Of Crypto Scam

The digital space’s popularity comes with numerous challenges, as authorities now discover a new way scammers defraud people through social media. The new scam technique is relatively new, as hackers now target K-pop Twitter accounts. The accounts are reported to suddenly talk about cryptocurrencies and usually deceive many due to their large followership. Criminals are devising new ways to accomplish their agenda on getting trust from k-pop fans by buying related accounts.

Some believe that the criminals bought k-pop related accounts to get enough following from fans of those kinds of accounts and further promise a fake crypto giveaways to those who follow the accounts.. The bad players usually call the giveaway crypto giveaway to get more attention from the crowd, especially since digital assets are currently making waves.

Scam accounts target k-pop fans

The Twitter accounts are using k-pop-related accounts’ popularity and manipulation to get their victims where they want them. Unfortunately, the social media platform Twitter is the venue that the criminals use to commit these atrocities, mainly because of the app’s popularity and extensive influence. K-pop is a type of music popular amongst south Korean pop bands.

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The music type’s opularity is growing beyond Korea and moving to other parts of the world due to the internet and other mediums. Some of the k-pop bands have performed in America and the UK, showing how they are currently making waves in the world today.

Some people made reports of some strange incidences, which made the Economic Times conducted an investigation, which got information that the scammer group targets mainly k-pop fan accounts. The body had suggested that the scammers might have bought thousands of accounts or using a bot to manipulate fans into taking part in the fake crypto giveaways.

People started recording more suspicious issues when an Indian resident claimed that she followed a crypto-related account without knowing that. She assured people that her account was not hacked, nor were there intrusions. This could mean that the account was formerly k-pop-related before becoming a crypto content account, which means that other people purchased it.

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Scam accounts claim to giveaway cryptos

The Indian resident was sure of her investigation and shared that she followed the scam account when it was tweeting about k-pop. She explained that she went through a lot of the scam account content, where she at first saw thousands of crypto tweets before seeing some BHS-related information deep into the past tweets. BHS is a popular k-pop group with fans from all over the world, meaning that the scam account might be targeting a lot of BHS fans.

The female explained that she wasn’t the only one with the problem, as the scam accounts target many people who show interest in k-pop bands. After her conclusion, other people started noticing a similar trend. The scam accounts also told the BHS fans to follow other crypto-related accounts to get the crypto giveaway, usually up to $250 and above.

The trend started a solid campaign, where it tricked Twitter bots into thinking the account gives BHS-related content, thereby affecting the algorithm.

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