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Kuna Review – Is Kuna Scam Or Legit?

Kuna Exchange Rating
Account Types9.2
Trading Speed9
Customer Service8.8
Read our Kuna review and learn why we recommend this exchange for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this Kuna review before you sign up with the exchange.

Kuna Review

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Over the past decade, the commercial sector has witnessed multiple changes. If you are a business fan, you probably understand how cryptocurrencies changed the entire financial game. Satoshi Nakamoto, an unidentified individual or group, launched Bitcoin, the world’s best digital coin in the last decade. Now and then, you will hear about different individuals who earned billions from Bitcoin undertakings. Do you want to try your luck? Well, besides Bitcoin, you can trade as many digital assets as you want. Although Bitcoin is the best crypto coin as far as trading volume is concerned, you can still access multiple options that will allow you to monetize your crypto endeavors. All you need is a legit exchange platform such as Kuna. The broker presents itself as a reliable option for crypto traders looking for high earnings. In this Kuna review, we will analyze what this Ukraine-based exchange has for its followers. Read this content and decide to your best.

Indeed, prepare to encounter as many crypto exchanges in the financial space. Keep in mind that each exchange option differs from another in various ways. Some platforms can cater to global investors, while others function in selected regions. For example, the Kuna exchange serves Ukrainians. That means you cannot enjoy this exchange if you’re in the US. We are not sure whether the broker will expand its market in the future.

This exchange has been rendering quality crypto services since 2015. That translates to a market experience that you can take advantage of to enjoy increased earnings while trading financial objects. However, this is not to say that it is the best in the market. As a rule of the game, do your research and choose what will help you accomplish your financial objectives.

Keep in mind that you are in a risky business before investing with any broker. The worst thing is encountering scammers. True enough, online criminals target innocent traders and shady platforms. The last thing you may want is to lose your hard-earned cash to online attackers.

In this context, you will understand why Kuna tops the Ukrainian market as a reliable crypto exchange.

About Kuna Exchange

Kuna is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Ukraine. Although not the only crypto platform in the country, you can consider it if you are looking for a dependable broker. Unfortunately, US traders cannot utilize this platform at the moment. The best thing is that you can still access other top exchanges that will improve your crypto profits.

Kuna website

If you are a fresher in online trading, you may experience hurdles before understanding the concept behind trading virtual assets. Remember, your selected broker will determine the type of experience you will get when interacting with financial products. How can you choose a legit broker as a beginner trader? Well, the best strategy is to analyze in detail what your preferred exchange has. Go through the features that the crypto exchange boasts and choose what will help you achieve your economic goals. In that context, let us find what Kuna has for Ukraine crypto fans.

Kuna Exchange Features

  • 5 Click Crypto Trading

Keep in mind that Kuna has been developing its services with new and updated additions. For example, in 2019, the exchange launched a service that allowed users to buy digital coins without creating an account. If you are among crypto enthusiasts who prefer not to register accounts with many exchanges, this broker can be your suitable option. You only need a crypto wallet to trade with Kuna.

The exchanges ensured straightforward processes for a seamless crypto experience. With 5 clicks, you can accomplish your crypto activities. If you recognize the benefits of speed in maximizing crypto profits, this broker has your back.

  • Impressive Tradeable Instruments

What about the available tradeable assets? Well, as said earlier, Kuna has been improving its services since 2015. Back then, the exchange offered the popular digital object only: BTC, ETH, and USDT. However, when writing this content, Ukrainian can access 17 tradeable pairs, a decent asset index. Besides the popular cryptocurrencies, the exchange allows you to trade EOS, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Revain, Kun, Waves, Octanos, Everus, and many others.

Evaluate what the different assets have and choose what matches your crypto market’s needs. Keep in mind that the tradeable objects offered by Kuna brokers differ in many ways. For example, Bitcoin will require higher investment compared to other lesser-known options such as Octanos. For now, ETH/UAH and BTC/UAH are the popular pairs that you can trade using the Kuna exchange firm.

Do you want to succeed while trading digital coins? Prefer brokerage firms that offer many tradeable assets. You will diversify your investments with ease and minimize the related risks. Investing in a single digital asset is risky since your will lose your money if the crypto losses value. Keep in mind that you are in a volatile industry. A digital coin worth $20 today can surge to $200,000 by next year, and the opposite is possible as well. You can avoid such risks by diversifying your investments with many assets.

Kuna exchange included many assets to cater to its residents. The best thing is that the many tradeable assets you will find with this broker come from legitimate dealers. That means you will not worry about scam digital assets. You can visit this exchange to see how it utilizes multiple cryptocurrencies to protect trades from sudden fluctuations.

Your only task is to evaluate the many assets and select what satisfies you. Kuna provides a platform for both newbie and experienced traders and investors. Expect no hurdles when trading the instruments that this exchange has.

  • Kuna Fees

You cannot deny that cryptocurrency is a money-making venture. After all, what has attracted you to this industry? You might have come across stories of individuals who earned huge returns from the digital market. However, remember the associated risks. Crypto volatility can be profitable and detrimental, depending on your trading style. Also, apart from the returns, you may have to consider the related costs. Most cryptocurrency exchanges will charge you for using their services.

Professional traders understand that lower trading fees can translate to increased profits. If you are a newbie crypto trader, make sure to consider trading fees before investing your money. Exchange firms charge crypto traders varying fees. There is no reason why you will select a platform that charges high fees while you can enjoy similar services from exchanges like Kuna with fewer charges.

With Kuna exchange, you will incur a flat trading charge of 0.25%. Depending on your financial status, you can choose this firm if you can afford the trading fees. Keep in mind that you have your unique trading objectives fueling your crypto deals. Ensure that all your decisions meet your crypto budget and expectations.

The best thing with Kuna exchange is that it rewards its customers in multiple ways. For instance, if you buy more than 100 KUN (the platform’s native token launched to finance more developments on the firm’s site), you get a VIP status. Moreover, there will be no such thing as paying maker charges.

Nevertheless, check the withdrawal fees that the exchange provides. Keep in mind that some crypto brokers charge high withdrawal fees to enjoy your returns. Find a crypto firm that will allow you to enjoy your profits without any limits. Moreover, a legit platform will reveal its withdrawal charges. Avoid any crypto dealer that is not transparent about its fees. You will have to pay nearly 0.0005 Bitcoin when you make a BTC withdrawal using Kuna. That is far below (by 40%) the universal industry average.

  • Kuna Safety

Online security is another vital feature to consider when selecting a brokerage firm. It does not matter how many times you have encountered this beware of scammers when trading cryptocurrencies. For your safety, select brokers with high-end security measures and protocols. Authentic brokers understand the need to offer their clients secure trading environments. Investors, brokers, and financial institutions join hands to fight online criminals. Keep in mind that many crypto exchanges closed their businesses due to scam attacks.

Kuna is a regulated exchange that ensures Ukrainians trade in the safest crypto atmosphere. The broker has incorporated the latest security protocols to ensure maximum security. You will never worry about attackers when using this broker. Kuna has designed its features to secure your data and funds. Keep in mind that criminals are always targeting innocent and careless traders for data and money. The amount of cash that crypto traders lose to criminals each year might surprise you. For that reason, you need to be cautious whenever in your crypto accomplishments. As much as most individuals focus on the good side, the ugly side of the crypto market is detrimental to your investments.

Brokers will steal your money and use your data illegally with any chance or loophole by your brokerage firm. What can you do if lost your crypto investments to scammers? Well, you can find multiple financial firms that offer scam refund services. Unfortunately, there is a low probability that you will get a refund once scammed. You have to consider prevention rather than the cure.

Kuna exchange adopted the latest technology to protect your data from intruders. With its high-end security functionality, the system encrypts all your data upon entry. Moreover, the broker adheres to Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer protocols. With these security policies, you will have to provide your proof of identity to access the given features.  Crypto firms that implement these protocols will prevent you from terrorist activities, money laundering, identity theft, cybercrimes, and other financial fraud-related cases.

At the moment, Kuna has never dealt with any problems associated with bugs and hacks. The exchange utilizes an authorization email and 2-FA to secure your withdrawals.

  • Trading Platform

Have you ever heard individuals discussing their trading experience with a given exchange? When looking for strategies to find the best broker, experts will advise you to ask other traders about your specific broker. However, what does experience mean in this case? Well, the whole thing about brokerage experience means the available trading platform. At any cost, do not select a brokerage firm without evaluating the trading platform. You will require this software to open and close your trades, accessing virtual coins, and maintaining your trading account.

How can you spot the best trading platform offered by brokerage companies? Well, as said earlier, you can rely on experienced traders who have already used the platform. Moreover, you can try the trading site on your own. The best thing is that most crypto exchanges allow you to try their services before you invest your money. Make sure to choose a platform with comprehensive tools and features that you can use to increase benefits. Moreover, if you know what speed means to traders, confirm how fast the platform allows you to execute your trades.

Kuna exchange ensured that you get what you deserve without hurdles. If you want a trading website that is easy to navigate, you can try what this broker has. You might enjoy the modern and simple design suitable for traders with different needs. Moreover, you can access their trading services in three languages: English, Ukrainian, and Russian. Indeed, this exchange is here to offer your flexibility and efficiency. Kuna’s website has multiple features that you can take advantage of for money-making deals.

If you are new to the crypto market, you will enjoy how Kuna will welcome you. The exchange uses video presentation services to introduce fresh traders to the platform. You probably understand the advantages of knowledge when trading virtual assets. Do not join any broker without details on how the trading functions.

Kuna exchange has a referral program, where users can get about 75% commission in referrals. With this broker, you will not rely on trades alone to earn. You can magnify your profits using the referral program. Also, you can use mobile app that gives traders the convenience to trade anytime, anywhere. You can download the trading app from Google Play and App Store.

  • Kuna Deposit Options

To invest in virtual assets with any broker, you will have to fund your trading account. For that reason, check deposit methods offered by your desired broker before you settle. Make sure that your best broker offers you reliable options to deposit into your trading account. Moreover, confirm the duration taken by specific exchanges to approve your deposit request. It is undeniable that you want to execute your trades as soon as you fund your account.

Most cryptocurrency exchanges offer you multiple transaction options to choose you best. You can enjoy the freedom of depositing using credit cards or wire transfers. What are Kuna exchange deposit methods? Well, this broker tries to be unique in many ways. With this crypto platform, you can only deposit money into your crypto account using credit cards. At the moment, that exchange does not allow wire transfers.

The worst of all is that you need Ukrainian credit cards (MasterCard and Visa) to transact with this broker. Indeed, there is no way you can use the Kuna exchange if you are not in Ukraine. As stated earlier, this exchange expands its services as time goes. In 2020, Kuna started accepting fiat currency deposits. That allowed traders to transfer USD using multiple deposit options: KUNA Code, Perfect Money, Payeer, and Advanced Cash. In the same year, the broker announced similar deposits for RUB, Russian fiat money.

Kuna does not charge fees on Altcoin and Bitcoin deposits. However, you need to consider withdrawal fees: 1% UAH, 0.005 ETH, AND 0.001 BTC. A legit exchange will allow you to deposit and withdraw from your account seamlessly.

Advantages of Using Kuna Exchange

Kuna can be the best choice for local crypto investors. With this exchange, you can purchase BTC directly using cash. That is because the firm supports UAH (Ukrainian currency) as the only payment option.

Kuna accepts popular and instant payment options, credit cards. Do you want that flexibility?

You can trade various altcoins with Kuna exchange. Besides the popular options, you will find Revain, Everus, and many lesser-known assets.

Kuna has competitive trading charges. As a Standard account holder, the broker will charge you’re a 2.5% flat fee in each trade. That is an attractive fee, compared to the industry’s average.

Disadvantages of using Kuna Exchange

The main disadvantage of using Kuna exchange is that it only serves Ukrainian locals. If you are in the US, you cannot access crypto services by this exchange. At the moment, UAH is the only fiat currency available. Although the platform supports three languages, most of its website info is in Russian.

Another thing is that you will forget about margin trading when using this exchange, a usual thing in the cryptocurrency world.

Its platform is too simple. You will only access basic charting. You cannot find professional instruments such as technical indicators, price forecasts, and many others.

Final Thought

Kuna is a simple crypto exchange that will not give you hurdles to navigate through various cryptocurrency facets. If you want a broker with a simple trading platform, you can try Kuna. However, as much as the exchange has multiple selling points, the broker does no cater to all crypto traders. The above Kuna exchange review shows that the platform serves Ukrainians only. If you are in the US looking for a reliable crypto platform, you can access other reliable exchanges to maximize your trading profit.

Eino Kinnunen (Finland)

Eino is a new writer for Tokenhell, he resides in Espoo, Finland and he has been a crypto journalist for over 3 years for various cryptocurrency news agencies.

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