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Ledger Adds Former Apple Music Exec To Head Its NFT Arm

Parker Todd Brooks will be leaving his position at Apple music to become one of the executive directors at Ledger. The crypto hardware wallet manufacturing giants has announced today.

What Is Parker’s Role At Ledger?

Parker will head the company’s NFT arm as they seek to expand their services into the security, management, display, and storage of NFT artworks. Parker has been with Apple music since 2014 and he was instrumental in their launch of Apple music and beats 1. It would be recalled that Apple bought Beats music to inaugurate beats 1 seven years ago. He was the director of artist integration during his Apple years.

Before joining Apple, parker was with topspin media before it was merged with Spotify and beats music. His role as the head of Ledger’s NFT team would be to encourage more artistic creators to use the firm’s network protocol, then supervise the creation of NFT-related projects.

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A Ledger press release states that “part of brooks’ role will be to prioritize NFTs in using the company’s resources.” In his response, parker was quoted saying, “so far, the whole of my career has been spent in service to the entire artist audience. However, NFTs allow the re-imagination of the creation, sampling, and management of art and music to become a reality. At the same time, it provides the solution to security issues plaguing the storage of NFTs on smart devices.”

The veteran artist manager remarked that his objective is to “simplify the process for which artists can display and manage their digital pieces and store them safely.”

Ian Rogers Opinion About the New Company Announcement And NFTs

In a brief chit-chat with online news channels, Ledger’s head of experience, Ian Rogers opined that Ledger has always been safeguarding NFTs in the past since the firm makes it possible for users from over 120 blockchains to access their accounts safely. Ian continued saying, “the ethereum protocol hosts most NFTs. However, the storage of NFTs requires a blockchain account just like the storage of cryptocurrencies. In that respect, NFTs are similar to cryptocurrencies, the only difference is that NFTs are still new in the virtual asset space.”

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Ledger remains the top supplier of hardware wallets that are used for storing BTC and other virtual assets safely. However, the firm’s desire for expansion sees them venturing into the NFT-mania. “as NFTs continue to rise in growth and popularity, our customers’ demand for an NFT-supported framework has soared as well. Now, with Mr. Parker on board, we believe we can meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.” Mr. Rogers continued.

Rogers concluded by saying, “I am not surprised that most of us are becoming digital collectors because we now spent most of our lives on Amazon Prime, Zoom, Netflix, and Postmates. NFTs involves making the most of basic human traits which are collection, patronage, and sharing.” There have also been similar roles opening within the virtual asset market because the market is in dire need of those who understand the music and art business and can successfully link them with the fast-rising NFT.

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