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Lead Developer at Ripple Nik Bougalis Offers Advice on Managing Staff Remotely Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Managing Staff Remotely

Nik Bougalis who is the cryptographer and leading C++ software engineer at Ripple has tweeted about the coronavirus impact offering firms his advice on remote work management.

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After the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Coronavirus epidemic as the global pandemic, several companies have started advising their staff to work at home in order to lower the opportunities that can contribute to the spread of coronavirus disease.

However, there are some companies that are finding it difficult to manage their remote work for office staff. The advice of the Ripple lead developer Nik Bougalis is, particularly for such firms. His advice is on how the firms can organize remote work for office staff in a better way.

Nik claims to have an experience of over 20 years in this field

On March 16, in his tweet, Nik claimed that he has been working remotely for a period of over 20 years and said that he is the leader of a Ripple team at the moment. This is what he stated in his tweet:

“I‘ve worked remotely for over 20 years and I’m currently leading a large, fully distributed team at @Ripple. If you’re new to remote work—especially as a manager—and have questions, please ask! I’ll try my best to answer and share my insights to help you and your team. #COVID19”

When he was asked about which method to use for the communication purpose during the remote work, he recommended some messaging apps that can be used effectively for this purpose. He asked them to make use of the text-based tools mentioning two names Slack and IRC because according to him these two are more helpful as compared to VOIP. Nik says that Slack and IRC will let people consume content when it is convenient for them.

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Meanwhile 212 million XRP were moved

Following the advice of the Ripple lead developer Nik Bougalis, 212 million XRP worth $29,807,200 were moved as the Twitter bot XRPL Monitor reported. According to the XRPL Monitor, the transfer occurred between cryptocurrency exchanges and anonymous wallets.

XRPL Monitor claims that major crypto exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase Pro, Bithumb and Coinone were involved in these transfers.



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