MetaMask Announces New Wallet Update as it Unveils New Features

MetaMask, the popular non-custodian wallet, has announced that they are almost on the verge of launching a new version eight update for the wallet. Talking about the new features that would be present in the latest update, the wallet firm noted that an increased privacy feature, a better UI, and other user-friendly features. With its popularity on all DeFi exchanges and application, the wallet is in line to experience more popularity with this new update.

MetaMask update V8 tackles all problems of the previous model, Finlay noted

If you are conversant with Uniswap, Balancer, or Compound, MetaMask’s role would have been evident. Announcing the new update, MetaMask posted on Twitter, “Today we are beginning to roll out a big update: MetaMask Version 8!”.According to a blog post published on June 2, engineer of high ranking firm, Consensys, Dan Finlay, wrote about the new features present in the latest update. Talking about the update, the engineer noted that no wallet has ever done what MetaMask has provided.

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According to Dan Finlay, the enhanced privacy function was a step in the right direction but the firm. Noting the mistake other wallets make, Finlay notes that most wallets manage a single account or make account information accessible to all websites and applications, thereby revealing customers’ private data. Finlay pointed out that the new MetaMask V8 provides customized privacy control for each linked account, creating a new wallet for each website, or selecting the wallet that will interact with a particular website.

MetaMask unveils new Web 3.0 encryption

The bottom line is that users can dictate which of their data that is shared. To further this process, account switching will be allowed between two wallets on the platform. As part of the new updates permission system, features like powerful decryption and access to information and eventually, the introduction of the MetaMask snaps extension. The new UI provides excellent accessibility for users, mainly under the assets and activity sections. The new iconography will aid in making transactions more recognizable, Finlay noted.

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Coming together with the new MetaMask V8 is a new update for Ethereum developers, with MetaMask now featuring a new and improved Web 3.0 encryption. This new encryption will allow users to send and receive data using state of the art encryption measures. “For now, these decryption requests each require user confirmation, so it’s mostly ideal for decrypting infrequent, important messages, like emails,” Finlay noted. Finlay said that the new update had tackled onboarding of users issues that have rocked the platform in recent years.

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