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MicroStrategy Buys $10 Million Worth Of BTC As Asset Records New Gains

MicroStrategy is starting this year with hefty buys like last year. The firm bought millions worth of Bitcoin and bought even more worth $500 million before the iconic 100% Bitcoin surge that occurred early this year. Again, MicroStrategy might make new profits with its latest purchase, which some sources claim assisted the crypto in recording recent gains despite the selling pressure.

The crypto suffers from constant buying pressure, which doesn’t seem to stop even with the asset falling at an alarming rate. The company bought the asset during its latest fall, but fortunately, the acquisition gained some momentum to stand in the $33,000 range. Experts predict that investors would lose the short-term gains if traders keep selling off.

Bitcoin rebounds with a 3.6% gain

The digital asset declined from its yesterday’s $34,000 range by 8% and traded at $31,000 recently before its 3.6% gain, leaving its present value around $33,000. Yesterday, the company announced its recent purchase valued at around $10 million.

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The billionaire firm explained that it acquired its Bitcoin at around $31,808 for one, with additional fees included. The $10 million buys got MicroStrategy 314 BTCs. MicroStrategy revealed in a statement that on January 22, the company now holds over 70,000 BTCs that it purchased for over $1 billion, most buys at around $16,000.

The buying spree started mid-2020 when the firm acquired over 30,000 BTC at once, valued at almost $300 million around that time. Following the continuous purchase, MicroStrategy explained that Bitcoin would be its major asset, hence the heavy purchases. Within a short time, its Bitcoin gains have skyrocketed MicroStrategy’s valuation.

The software company utilized the sharp dip to accumulate more cryptocurrencies to assure new gains when Bitcoin finally surges. MicroStrategy’s BTC holdings helped it gain immensely when the crypto doubled in worth around early January. The firm once revealed that its Treasury Reserve policy resulted in the regular crypto purchases.

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Firms record profit from Bitcoin’s surge

Despite the present fall of Bitcoin, the asset recorded some notable gains, resulting in its current sell-off. MicroStrategy made a billion from its Bitcoin holdings. Concerning the new acquisition, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s filing authenticated the firm’s announcement concerning the $10 million buys. Apart from its Bitcoin preference, the firm has also influenced other institutional companies to acquire Bitcoin. This resulted in a surprising new wave of buyers who buy crypto in large quantities.

During the early hours, Bitcoin moved towards the $28,000 range due to market bears’ action. But the new buying pressure might have contributed to its rapid recovery, especially with MicroStrategy buying around that time. When the software firm wanted to expand its Bitcoin holding, it called for investors because it exhausted its Reserve from buying large quantities of BTC.

The company saw enough investors and increased its previous target to accommodate more BTC investment, and it was after that time BTC moved from $20,000 to $42,000. Like Grayscale and MicroStrategy, other institutional companies look into purchasing and increasing their BTC in anticipation of another surge.

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