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Midaswms Review – Is This a Trustworthy Crypto Broker?

Midaswms Broker Rating
Account Types9.3
Trading Speed9.1
Customer Service8.9
The Midaswms broker is a good choice for traders and investors to start their trading as it brings a lot of trading facilities and opportunities for them. Most importantly, the broker’s trading platform where traders execute their trading is immersed in a lot of features.
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Midaswms Review

Midaswms ReviewIn the modern era where we live in nowadays, it is very hard for you to meet the daily expenses of living with a monthly salary that you make out of your job. You definitely need a way out that can ease your burden and help you accomplish your everyday expenses easily. You have a proper right to make your life better. Why don’t you try out your luck with online trading? Online trading has made it a lot easier for people to make a large bunch of money especially the forex trading. It is the best way for you to change your entire life completely. If you have not thought of it yet, then you can think of it now. The best part of online trading is that it does not require you to put your hard efforts to churn out a bunch of money as you do in your typical job. Rather the online trading can be done with the help of an online broker.

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There are numerous brokers available in the market for your service. You can pick any one of them for your trading. But I would suggest that you should initiate your trading with the Midaswms broker as it is a great reputed and reliable broker. You must be thinking why I am suggesting this broker to you. Read out my comprehensive review of the Midaswms review and you will find out.

Summary of my Midaswms Broker Review

  1. A Brief Overview of Midaswms
  2. A Glimpse at the Features and Services of Midaswms
  3. Trading Platforms with Easy-to-navigate Interface
  4. The Facility of Demo and Live Account
  5. A Long List of Trading Products
  6. Four Account types to accommodate Users’ needs
  7. Various Payment Methods for Users’ Convenience
  8. Security of Funds
  9. Educational Resources
  10. High-Quality Customer Service
  11. Final Words

Let me explain these points one by one.

A Brief Overview of Midaswms

Midaswms is a reliable brokerage firm properly regulated and licensed by the regulatory bodies that offer various trading services to customers to trade CFDs and give them easy access to major financial markets present on its platform. The broker was developed and established by its parent company Digital C Media that is currently operating this brokerage firm and it is situated in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines.

It is a major challenge for any broker available out there to meet the high standards and the growing needs of users in the present modern world where everything seems to be happening in a fast-paced manner. The broker, therefore, strives to come upon the standards of users by providing them with up-to-date trading platforms, complete access to major financial markets, low and floating spreads, top-quality customer support, and several other top-class features. Along with offering multiple trading platforms, the broker has also listed various trading products to accommodate you well and to give you an open choice to trade with any of the trading products present onto the platform including commodities, indices, and many other instruments. The broker offers complete and transparent pricing to its customers as well.

When you trade with the financial markets, the broker offers a leverage of up to 1:200 to give you an opportunity to make more profits. Trades are executed in a fast way without any delays on the platform of the Midaswms broker. In the case of CFDs and Forex trading, the most effective trading tools play an important role. Traders are provided with all of the necessary trading tools when they trade onto the platform of the broker. In addition to this, the broker’s expert team of traders who have a great knowledge of forex trading provides users with useful forex signals and tips.

A Glimpse at the Features and Services of Midaswms

A plethora of trading services and features are available on the dynamic platform of the Midaswms broker which lower traders’ burden and make the trading process convenient for them. In the presence of such kinds of useful services, forex trading or CFDs trading becomes a lot easier for traders. Let’s have a detailed look at the unique services and features of the Midaswms broker.

Trading Platforms with Easy-to-navigate Interface

There is one thing that traders always check out before signing up with a broker and that is the trading platform offered by that very broker. Out of the list of brokers that they evaluate, they only prefer to go with the one that offers them top-notch and highly intuitive trading platforms which can be navigated easily and which make it simple and convenient for traders to carry out their trading. The Midaswms broker understands very well the psyche of today’s traders and therefore it comes up with those trading platforms which are familiar to traders and with whom they love to trade. There are multiple trading platforms available for traders which are Web Trader, Meta Trader 4, and Mobile Trader. All of these trading platforms have been built out with modern technology and has a user-friendly interface. As soon as you sign up with the Midaswms broker, you can have access to these trading platforms. There is no need for any kind of downloading or installation to access these online trading platforms. If you have a computer and have good access to the internet, then these are easily accessible to you. I can briefly explain the qualities of these trading platforms one by one so that you could know what capabilities they have.

Web Trader

Web Trader is available in the market for a long time and is serving both beginners and experienced traders since the year it was evolved. It is basically an online trading platform with an easy-to-use interface and has a modern design that fits the financial markets’ advanced infrastructure. Web Trader allows you to open and close your aggregate positions in a faster way within just a few clicks. The best quality of the Web Trader trading platform is that it gives you an opportunity to customize your trades according to your specified preferences and style. Through the Web Trader platform, you can apply a range of indicators and various drawing tools. You can get the best trading experience by trading with Web Trader.

Meta Trader 4 (MT4)

Everyone knows about the Meta Trader 4 trading platform as it is widely used by traders. Users from around the whole world choose to trade with the Meta Trader 4 platform out of others because of the convenience it provides to traders while carrying out their trading. The two best qualities of Meta Trader 4 are Position-keeping and Chart-based trading. With the help of the Meta Trader 4 trading platform, you can easily optimize your trading positions on the chart as well you can update and modify your positions as well. Another attractive feature of Meta Trader 4 is that it is the safest trading platform available out there in the market because it offers privacy to users’ data and keeps their data encrypted all the time to ensure safe trading. You can access MT4 freely without any cost and then begin your trading with it.

Mobile Trader

Mobile trading has become more popular nowadays therefore the broker has added to its features the facility of the Mobile trading platform as well. If you are a trader of the Midaswms broker, then you can trade your CFDs and forex through your mobile device as well. The Mobile application of the broker is integrated with all the basic features of desktop trading platforms and like them, it also contains an intuitive interface. The broker’s mobile application provides you trading comfort and allows you to trade in a quick and efficient way. If you choose to trade through your mobile device, then you are open to trade whenever you want or from wherever you are.

The Facility of the Demo and Live Account

Well, most of the brokers only offer you the facility of live account but the Midaswms broker also gives you a chance to open your demo account along with your live trading account. The demo trading account consists of all of the features present in the live trading account.

The significance of a demo account is that it gives you a way to prepare yourself for real trading. When you trade with a demo account, you do not have any fears of losses and you trade with confidence. However, real trading does involve the risks of profit loss. But the confidence and experience that you make out of the demo account help you to optimize and protect your profits in the live trading. For your own accommodation, you can open both of these trading accounts.

A Long List of Trading Products

The Midaswms broker does not want to see its clients be out of options in any case while trading on the platform of the broker. This is the reason that it has added a long list of trading products and instruments onto its trading platform. They can choose any trading product they desire to trade with. With the availability of a diverse list of trading products, it becomes easier for a trader to diversify their portfolio. A perfect diversified portfolio leads to success in CFD and forex trading. The instruments available for trading on the platform of the Midaswms broker include forex, indices, commodities, stocks, crude oil, and precious metals.

Traders mostly trade with CFDs and forex because they find them more profitable as compared to other trading instruments. Those who go with the forex trading make plenty of money simply by exchanging currencies. This is the reason that most of the people have given special attention to forex trading. If you trade forex with the Midaswms broker, then the broker helps you out well by providing you the essential tools you need to reach your destination. If you think that the forex trading does not suit your style and is not of your interest, then you can go with the other options present on the broker’s dynamic trading platform. The broker allows you to trade the top-traded commodities, indices, and stocks.

Four Account types to accommodate Users’ needs

Once you sign up with the Midaswms broker and complete your registration, the next step is to pick a particular trading account type that suits your style and preferences. There are four different account types available on the broker’s platform which has been set according to the various needs of traders. These account types are Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Midas Partners. You can choose the best out of these four which you think suits you the most as you know very well what your requirements are. For your convenience, I can describe further the features embedded in these account types.

  • Gold Account: The Gold Account is the basic kind of trading account present on the Midaswms broker’s trading platform which is designed especially for the novice traders. It will cost you up to $10,000 to open this trading account for you. The Gold account contains all those features which a beginner trader looks for in the initial stages of trading. The broker offers a spread of 0,9 pips in EUR/USD to the owners of this account type. The holders of this account type do not pay any account fees other than the deposit amount. They receive the leverage up to 1:200 on their trading. They are also provided with an introduction of 30 minutes to the trading software with an experienced account manager.
  • Diamond Account: This is the second account type offered by the Midaswms broker for those traders who at least have a little bit of trading experience and knowledge of financial markets. The minimum deposit amount that the broker has set for opening this account type is $25,000. Traders receive a spread of 0,5 pips in EUR/USD for this account option. The extra facility that the proprietor of this account type receives is introductory coaching of regular trading signals by experienced account managers which also includes the automatic implementation for your trading account. Like the basic account type, no fees are there for traders on this account as well.
  • Platinum Account: The Platinum account is the third type of account that you can access on this broker’s trading platform. This account is perfect for well-experienced traders. The minimum deposit amount required to access this account type is $50,000. A spread of 0,3 pips in EUR/USD, no fees, the leverage of up to 1:200 are the basic features of the Platinum account. The unique feature of this account type is that experienced account managers of the broker provide introductory coaches to the holders of this account type about the automatic implementation of trading signals for approximately 5 to 25 trades per day. Apart from this, the intensive support of the broker’s senior account manager is also out there for you.
  • Midas Partners: The last kind of account option that you would find on the platform of the Midaswms broker is the Midas Partners account. Only VIP and Professional traders may access this account type. It has a minimum deposit of $100,000. This account type is the best suitable for all those professional investors and traders who want the best terms for their scalping of strategies. Other features include a spread of 0,08 pips in EUR/USD, no fees on this account, and the trading leverage of up to 1:200.

Various Payment Methods for Users’ Convenience

The broker offers its traders various payment methods to fund their accounts and withdraw their amounts. These payment options ensure quick and efficient deposits as well as withdrawals. The availability of a bunch of payment options gives users an opportunity to select a particular payment method that they can access easily while living in their area of residence. Users can use different Credit/Debit cards such as VISA, Maestro Card, and MasterCard to fund and withdraw their amounts. The Wire Transfer payment method is also available for you. For global payments, the broker has added Safecharge as a payment option on its platform to accommodate its customers more.

Security of Funds

The primary concern of traders and investors usually centers on the safety and security of their funds. The Midaswms broker gives respect to the concern of traders and provides the utmost security to their funds. The broker dedicates all of its efforts to maintain the security of its clients’ funds. With the Midaswms broker, the essential financial data and personal information of clients remain safe and secure. The company uses 256-bit SSL encryption across the whole website to avoid any kinds of website frauds. Other than this, the broker implements several technically advanced security measures to ensure the security of users’ funds. The broker applies the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy to avoid any kind of illicit activity. It also implements the Know Your Customer (KYC) policy on its website to confirm the identity of traders. Hence, the broker provides the most secure and safe trading environment to traders.

Educational Resources

It is important for traders and investors to keep themselves updated with the changing trends of financial markets where they carry out their trading. The educational resources available on the broker’s website are very useful in this case. The broker offers the facility of economic calendar and market news to keep you updated all the time about the new market trends and latest events happening in the financial markets. The Midaswms academy is also out there to give you an educational insight into trading. The fundamental analysis and technical analysis provided by the broker are very useful as well.

High-Quality Customer Service

The familiarity of the Midaswms broker in the market is largely because of the kind of customer care service it provides to its customers with the help of its professional team. Customers are provided with the proper support they seek. The broker offers various ways of communication through which customers can contact the customer service team of the broker. These include email, telephone, WhatsApp live chat, and office address. Customers can also reach the customer team through a form available on the website.

Final words

The Midaswms broker is a good choice for traders and investors to start their trading as it brings a lot of trading facilities and opportunities for them. Most importantly, the broker’s trading platform where traders execute their trading is immersed in a lot of features. The more convincing thing about the Midaswms broker is that it dedicates everything to accomplish the high-demanding requirements of the users. The one thing that the Midaswms broker is more concerned with is to take care of its customers in each and every aspect.



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