Momento Partners with Moontography in a Strategic Move

An NFT and DeFi platform Momento declared its collaboration with Moontography, a project with high-end decentralized services, products, and tools.  The partnership between Moontography and Momento targets to take advantage of Moontography’s cross-chain and atomic swap features.

Momento is an NFT and decentralized project aiming to reintroduce iconic events over the last decade through non-fungible tokens. The platform has two NFTs types – one highlighting memorable events over the past decade and the other comprising different unique crypto projects and their journeys.

Momento takes the digital art marketplace to a new level through an NFT staking functionality, allowing NFT enthusiasts to earn via their virtual assets. Moreover, the platform has a cross-chain coin, $MOMENTO, which can run on the ETH ecosystem and BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

There are multiple cases where collectors have no details on the project they put their money in. Such instances lead to problems with illiquidity, and holders can lose their money. Momento plans to solve such issues. With the platform, users can use their NFTs to earn through staking and royalties.

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The partnership targets to upgrade the staking procedure and token’s utility. It achieves that by using the cross-chain and atomic swap capabilities by Moontography. With the Atomic Swap, cross-chain coins can utilize one-to-one swapping functionalities and access many chains, including KCC, MATIC, ETH, and BSC.

About Moontography

Moontography provides exceptional decentralized products, services, and tools to DeFi and blockchain projects, promoting their mainstream acceptance by alleviating barriers that might limit their growth. The project offers multiple solutions, including Airdropper, Decentralized Code Storage, Blockchain File Storage, Atomic Swap, Trusted Timestamping, and others. Moontography has the $MTGY token powering its platform.

About Momento

Momento is a tech project supporting NFT and DeFi, targeting to solve vital issues facing modern investors. The project has two categories – one exhibiting fascinating moments in the last decade and a 2nd one comprising expeditions by renowned crypto projects in the market.

Unlike other NFT projects, Momento builds NTs meant for both holding and earning. It aims to solve multiple issues related to investors that fail to understand the whole thing with virtual investment. If you are looking to make money through NFTs, Momento is worth your consideration.

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