New Ripple (XRP) Rich List Unveils its Wealth Distribution

XRP list is recently given by the founder of Ripple-backed XPRL labs.

Wietse wind who is also a leader in the XRP community and is also giving her services as projects building and developer tools. She has elaborated on the fact and says that the addresses of XRP show everything related to the coin including its accounts and the addresses also show that whether a wallet is owned by a business and exchange or not.

She claimed it that if there is any kind of information available regarding the Ripple, we can detect it.

The figure of 14,400,000 and more is held by the 0.01% of all the addresses of the coin, according to the new data presented on the XRP rich list and this number is worth of $3.8 million at the time it was published.

The new data of XRP is given below with details.


In the above chart, the numbers represent the number of addresses that are surrounded by the coin and which have a balance range between 9575 and 133565 XRP. These numbers of addresses have been in lifting direction since the last month.

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But the numbers which have addresses with range of 344523 XRP have not been on the rise during this time and have remained constant.

The data presented on the list does not involve the accounts of the coin that Ripple holds but it shows the data that is moved by the token. And according to the data presented, the amount which is moved out by the XRP is $1 billion. The company moves out this amount at the beginning of every month in order to sell a quantity of its assets in the hands of cryptocurrency and digital community.

Davis Byrne (US)

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