NordVPN confirms Security breach: Crypto VPN Users should be Careful

NordVPN, the personal Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provider has verified the news that it has been hacked.

The famous VPN service provider has confirmed that there has been a break in their security system. A lot of crypto users who are using a VPN should be aware of this breach.

Firstly, there were some rumors about the NordVPN service provider that it had exposed an expired internal private key. This ultimately proved helpful for the hackers and they started to spin out their own servers by imitating the NordVPN service provider.

But now the company has confirmed this news and also gives justification about the exposed expired key. The officials say that the expired key could not have been used by the hacker to decrypt the code.

Company Claims to maintain “Zero-Logs” Policy

The company, NordVPN has claimed that though there has been a breach in their security system yet they have been able to maintain their “zero-logs” policy.

The company states its zero-logs policy on its official website in these words: “We don’t track, collect, or share your private data.”

One of the spokespersons of NordVPN says:

The server itself did not contain any user activity logs; none of our applications send user-created credentials for authentication, so usernames and passwords couldn’t have been intercepted either.


NordVPN found out about Breach A few months ago but Discloses now

The VPN service provider, NordVPN already knows about this security breach as the company has found out about it a few months ago but they did not share it with the users.

The officials of the company state the reason behind it and say that the company wanted to make sure that no data was harmed during this breach and each and every component is safe and secure.

After this security breach in the security system of NordVPN, the crypto users should remain more cautious while dealing with NordVPN’s company. And they should do everything they can do in order to secure their wallets and their crypto assets.

Davis Byrne

Davis Byrne got into cryptocurrency world since 2013. He contributes technical chart-based price updates and price analysis on world's leading digital currencies.

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