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Norwegian Government Pension Fund Indirectly Holds 577.6 Bitcoin (BTC)

According to the latest report shared by Arcane Research, the largest sovereign wealth fund of the world Norwegian Government Pension Fund now indirectly owns approximately 600 Bitcoins (BTC). Commonly known as the Oil Fund, the Norwegian Government Pension Fund is indirectly holding this amount of BTC through its ownership stakes in the business intelligence company MicroStrategy.

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Norwegian Government Pension Fund is one of the biggest shareholders of MicroStrategy. It has more than $1 trillion in assets which includes 1.4% of all world stocks and shares. This is why it has been regarded as the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world. Now the Arcane Research’s report has revealed that the Norwegian oil fund’s holdings also include the world’s largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) as well.

According to the report, currently, the Norwegian oil fund has 577.6 BTC through its investment ownership in MicroStrategy. As a major shareholder of MicroStrategy, the Norwegian Government Pension Fund has an ownership stake of 1.5% in it.

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Apart from this, the biggest shareholder of MicroStrategy ‘BlackRock Fund Advisors’ as well as the ‘Vanguard Group’ the second-largest shareholder of the company have also BTC exposure through their investment in MicroStrategy. According to the Arcane Research’s report, BlackRock has an ownership stake of 15.24% in MicroStrategy and holds approximately 5829 BTC. While on the other hand, The Vanguard Group has an ownership stake of 11.72% in MicroStrategy and indirectly owns approximately 4483 BTC.

Source: Arcane Research

According to the founder of MicroStrategy, the business intelligence company currently holds 38,250 Bitcoin (BTC) at the moment. Firstly, the company made an investment of $250 million in the top-ranked digital currency in the month of August and purchased an amount of 21,454 BTC.

Now, MicroStrategy has completed its second acquisition of Bitcoin recently on September 14 when it made an investment of $175 million and purchased additional 16,796 Bitcoins (BTC). Because of this major acquisition of BTC by MicroStrategy, it remained on the top of headlines in the recent few days.

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