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Nvidia Unveils GPU Line-up As Crypto Miners Diverted To New CMP Line

It might be commonplace for someone to hear the word ‘Nvidia’ and associate it with gaming rather than cryptocurrency. Of course, these people would be right to assume as such, however, we are going to analyze just how crypto miners are being forced to divert to new CMP lines, as well as how the hash rates are being limited by the new GeForce RTX 360 provided by the company.

GeForce RTX360 Meant For Gamers, Not Crypto Miners, According To Nvidia

Nvidia has made it abundantly clear that their new product is designed specifically for gamers, and as such, they have put into place some measures which will make it difficult for crypto-based individuals to take advantage of this product for mining purposes. To this end, Nvidia has decided to dedicate GeForce for gamers (their biggest target audience) and have Cryptocurrency Mining Processors (CMPs) be made available for use by crypto miners. Partners of the company such as Gigabyte, EVGA, MSI, Colorful, and even ASUS have expressed interest in ensuring that this becomes readily available and accessible sooner rather than later.

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The primary reason for this could be that although gamers will remain Nvidia’s most important clients, cryptocurrency itself is not something that the company wants to sleep on, nor is it something that they want to lose the opportunity for either. To this end, they have implemented this new product in order to allow crypto miners to make use of it which will only be for the benefit of everyone involved.

Ethereum Mining To Be Conducted Through The Use Of CMPs

CMPs do not really possess the same capabilities as that of the GeForce RTX 360 for gaming purposes, and so it makes sense to have a separate product based primarily on the purposes of Ethereum mining. This distinction is not only appreciated by most but also deemed necessary by Nvidia themselves in order to create a clear distinction between two of their largest client bases.

Nevertheless, issues have arisen as the company struggles to maintain a steady supply of stock simply because gamers continue to desire their product rigorously, and thus there have been struggles to keep up with the unrelenting demand. Moreover, time will only tell if this will also be the case when it comes to CMPs.

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