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Pepperstone Review – Is Pepperstone Scam or Legit?

Pepperstone Broker Rating
Account Types9.2
Trading Speed9.3
Customer Service9
Read our Pepperstone review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this Pepperstone review before you sign up with the broker.

Pepperstone Review

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Today’s financial world has evolved to the point that trade and transactions are no longer restricted to persons in the same geographical region or within certain land borders. The financial sphere is now a global one as most commodities and their markets have become digitized thus making it possible for them to be accessed from anywhere in the world. A very good example of such markets is the cryptocurrency market with several crypto exchanges existing all over the world. Perhaps the biggest of these global markets whose contribution to global finances is highly significant is the foreign exchange market. The forex market is present in virtually all countries and continents of the world and records about $5 trillion daily in transaction volume. It is as a result of the existence of the forex market that companies like Pepperstone have sprung up.

The forex market is liquid and is highly volatile due to its quick reaction to events and happenings around the world. Tracking the movements and changes in the market to decide when to invest can be challenging for an individual. Knowing what commodities to trade in that would result in profit and gains can also be impossible for an individual alone. This is where forex brokers become essential. They are private individuals or corporate firms that help people understand the operations of the market and how to place a trade and make profitable investments. These firms also carry out transactions on behalf of investors and ensure that investors are shielded from the risks associated with forex trading. Pepper stone is one of such forex brokers that make it easy and possible for individuals to trade properly and make desired profit.

Commodities traded in the forex market are numerous but the popular ones include currency, precious metals such as gold, platinum, silver, and cryptocurrency. Considering the numerous instruments traded on the market, it is easy for a person to get overwhelmed or confused thus running the risk of losing money to fear, ignorance and uncertainty. With forex brokers, however, individuals are set on a path of understanding the market and getting the best out of it. Forex companies can be regulated or non-regulated. In recent times, most people settle for regulated firms because there is a sense of security with such companies. This is as a result of the fact that being regulated implies that the firms are subjected to regulations from certain governmental bodies to ensure continuity and proper management of assets. This, they are regulated because they comply with the regulations, information which most of them share in their website to gain public trust.

Within the context of this article, we would be reviewing the forex broker known Pepperstone providing key information about the company which would be essential to forex enthusiasts and investors alike.

Pepperstone website

What is Pepperstone?

There are several forex brokers present in the world today but in the midst of them all, Pepperstone stands out as one of the largest trading platforms globally. This popular forex company gives users access to trade across several markets in a user-friendly interface that people can easily understand and navigate. This is possibly one of the strongest features of this platform that gives it an edge over others. Trade and transactions carried on this platform are supported by cutting-edge technology which in turn process high speed and fast response time. Pepperstone has been in the forex market since 2010 thus validating each of their claims of credibility, responsibility, and accountability. Because of its long years of experience and forex trading exposure, most people feel very confident in the services of the company and this is shown in their ever-increasing customer base.

The forex giant has its headquarters in Australia with other subordinates represented in continents of the world. With offices in Kenya, China, Ukraine, and the United States, the firm aims to successfully handle and provide satisfactory trading services to users and investors from every part of the world. Furthermore, this forex broker is well-regulated by several regulatory agencies across the world thus assuring the safety and security of investors and their investments. Their subsidiaries in other countries asides from Australia are also under regulations of the supervisory body responsible for the concerned region.

One feature that has helped the company gain traction over the years is the number of commodities available for trade on the platform. The company provides a platform where several instruments can be traded such as shares, stocks, currencies, cryptocurrency, metals, bonds, and many more. Pepperstone as a forex broker also ensures that users gain the best trading experience with every trade as the company provides multiple trading platforms for easy access to the market. The broker processes an average of $8.3 billion worth of trading volume daily as it is used in about sixty-five countries of the world.

This forex broker is known globally for its high support granted to institutional trading through the use of well-developed technologies. The goal of the company is to become the world’s largest broker which it intends to achieve by providing a platform that can be used by people from different parts of the world to trade conveniently and comfortably. With the speed at which the firm is growing and gaining users, there is no doubt that the firm is on the right part to achieve its goal. Presently, Pepperstone accepts users from all over the world with exceptions to countries such as Japan, Canada, Iran, Iraq, Zimbabwe, and the US. Its availability in these regions is due to certain restrictions imposed on the company. Notwithstanding, the firm is still dedicated to becoming a global brand that would be used in every country of the world.

How To Trade On Pepperstone

A major focus of this company in the conduct of its operations is to provide a satisfactory trading experience for users and meet their trading needs. This is evident in the way strategic information regarding trading and market operations is made simple and understandable. Trading with Pepperstone involves certain processes which are not as much and stringent as other forex brokers as the company ensures that individuals are at ease while using it. For persons relatively new to forex trading and beginners alike, the broker offers a demo account with which individuals can get acquainted with the basic activities of the market.

Opening a demo account would require little stress as all the user needs to do is to complete a simple form that would require the submission of name, phone number, email address, and a chosen password. After doing this, the user would be required to choose one out of the three trading platforms made available for a demo account. When the choice has been made, the individual can go on practicing and developing trading strategies. The demo account however has a validity of thirty days after which it would no longer be operational. However, creating a live account would require much more details and registration and this is to ensure and provide maximum security for the users’ account and funds.

The first step would be to submit personal details and create a password for the account, after which one would be required to fill an online questionnaire to ascertain the level to which an individual can use trading products. This online questionnaire would expose the trading firm to the trading needs of each intending user and would contribute greatly to meeting those needs. Upon submission of the form, a valid identification means would also be required alongside some other documents which are to confirm the status of the investor. After the company receives the requested documents, the application of the individual is subjected to review which may last for as long as four days. Once the application is approved, one is ready to begin the journey into the trading world as funding of account can now occur and live trade following suit. As a broker dedicated to investors’ success, new users are offered advice in funding options, suitable amounts, and trading plans available.

Initially, the firm began with a focus on forex trading but over time it has expanded to include other trading products much to the delight of its users. Currently, they offer over seventy currency pairs in which investors can trade and this makes one of the few brokers which have a large variety of currency pairs available for trade. Upon their growth and expansion, they now offer other instruments such as cryptocurrency, shares, commodities, indices, metals, and stocks thus providing a large pool of investment options for traders to make more profit and minimize risks.

Trading Platforms And Tools

With Pepperstone as a forex broker, investors in the forex market are offered an upper hand due to the different trading platforms which the company offers and certain tools through which trading becomes easy and more profitable. Presently, the forex broker offers about eleven online trading platforms for the benefit of its users. Individuals can now choose from this variety the platform that meets their needs and offers maximum ease. Among the trading platforms offered by the firm is the widely used MetaTrader 4, cTrader, and WebTrader. These platforms are available across several devices so users can be assured of a great trading experience whether with a computer device or even a smartphone. This is because the platforms come in both desktop interface and mobile apps. Most of these trading platforms are also very user-friendly which makes it easy for investors and traders to navigate and conduct transactions with convenience and in comfort.

Asides from these platforms used essentially for trading, Pepperstone also offers various tools to enhance the trading experience of their users. These tools also help individuals manage risks involved in forex trading and develop market strategies and methods of transactions. They are also very helpful in understanding market movements and staying abreast with the changes and developments in the foreign market. These tools also help traders in different ways, each aimed at meeting a particular trading need. The Automate tool which is available on cTrader offers the opportunity for investors to use trading robots and custom indicators to trade, thus increasing profit. On the MetaTrader platform, users can also take advantage of the SmartTrader Tools which provides access to twenty-eight tools, trading advisors who are experts, and trade signal indicators. This tool is however available on the trading platform alone which is why it is mostly used.

Furthermore, users have access to Autochartist which is free to all traders and provides technical market analysis very key to investors’ success in the market. The software is designed in such a way that it helps individuals recognize potential trade entries in their chosen markets. It also assists traders in identifying trading opportunities which in turn results in them being able to focus instead of being distracted and confused by different market actions. A very interesting tool provided by this broker is the social platform where traders can receive and trade according to signals made available by market strategies providers. This way traders can improve their market knowledge and become more familiar with market changes and events. Traders can also copy signals from other social platforms directly into their trades thus making trading less challenging and tasking. All these tools are available to investors on the different platforms to ensure that their trading experience is warm and worthwhile.

Trading Accounts And Fees

Every account on this trading company is designed to meet the trading needs of investors therefore they operate in a highly beneficial way to the users. All the accounts are offered concerning retail trading which implies that margin limits and leverage are relatively average and tailored for individual trading. This also contributes to minimizing the risks involved in trading operations. For institutions and investors with large investment capacities, they can apply for higher leverage to fit their trading needs. The minimum deposit for every account type is $200 and this is because of the professional standard of the broker. This firm offers about four account types which include the Razor account, Edge Swap Free, Edge Standard account, and Edge Active Trader, all of which have their commission and interest rates specified.

For deposits, the trading platform accepts different forms of payment methods which include credit/debit cards, wire transfer, Pay Pal, and even bank transfers, which often takes a certain number of days to be cleared. Traders can also open accounts with this platform in various world currencies which encourages the use of this platform in various countries. There are also no charges on deposits and withdrawals by this firm as an extra fee would be as a result of the payment method employed. However, there are limits to daily withdrawals and this helps investors develop a form of savings ability. The broker is also known to charge very low commission fees thus encouraging patronage from thousands of users globally. The firm doesn’t also charge for trading accounts that have been left inactive or out of use for certain periods unlike most brokers that charge inactivity fees. The absence of all these fees further reaffirms the company’s commitment and dedication to making the user experience a worthwhile one.

Support And Customer Service

Most forex brokers that thrive and excel in the forex industry are those that apart from the premium trading services they offer, have good and reliable customer support. This is because the forex market as a whole is a volatile one and for investors to trust a company with their funds, there is a need for a form of relationship and communication between the company and individuals. It is in light of this that Pepperstone provides premium support to customers 24/5. This is achieved through phone, live chat, and email which it has successfully maintained since its existence. Furthermore, the firm has received several awards and accolades in the area of customer service and its dedication to customer satisfaction is not in doubt.

Investors can reach out to the broker in the case of any complaints, feedbacks, questions, or suggestions via phone as the firm have in-house representatives available to respond to calls always. Complaints and technical issues can also be forwarded to their email with an assurance of a quick response. The live chat feature provides an opportunity for traders to ask questions and get strategic information that would be relevant to them.

In addition, the company offers twelve different languages which makes it accessible and understandable by individuals in practically every continent.


Although there are several other brokers in the forex industry, Pepperstone remains a force to reckon with and a unique trading company. Over the years since its existence, it continues to expand spreading its reach across continents. Being a regulated broker and based on their long years of experience, it is quite convincing for individuals to trust them and continuously invest in them. As customer satisfaction is a priority to the firm, investors are assured of a worthwhile trading experience. It would then not be surprising if the firm becomes the biggest broker in the world.

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