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Pibexa Broker Review 2020: A Recommended Firm For Crypto CFDs Trading

Pibexa is a renowned platform for CFDs trading and offers exceptional services to its customers all over the world.

Pibexa Broker Rating
Account Types8.8
Trading Speed9.7
Customer Support8.4
On the basis of our ranking criteria, Pibexa qualifies as one of the best ranking among the leading CFDs trading platforms out there. The mobile app makes it more stunning and charming for traders present across the world.

Pibexa Review

Pibexa ReviewTrading of assets such as cryptocurrencies allows people to earn even more than doing a job or setting up a private business. Moreover, one can also opt for trading as a part-time job and add additional profit to its bank account. The most important thing is that you have to master strategies to do this job better if you want to earn.

There are many online courses or guides that teach you to step by step and equip you with top tricks in the end. However, some trading platforms also establish education portals for their customers. The exchanges guide you to do profitable trading, but the finding of such a reliable site is a difficult and tiresome task. Pibexa is the one you are searching for as it has all the required features needed for traders.

Pibexa Review Contents

– What is Pibexa?
– Wide Range of Forex Traded Products
– Account Types for Traders’ Ease
– How to Start with Pibexa?
– Competitive Fee Structure
– Easy to Navigate Interface
– Top Trading Platform and Tools
– Professional Staff Behind the Forex Exchange
– Outstanding Customer Care
– Is Pibexa Safe?
– Mobile Application to Make Trading Simple and Easy
– Conclusion

What is Pibexa?

Pibexa is a renowned platform for CFDs trading and offers exceptional services to its customers all over the world. The headquarters of the Pibexa is established in London, England. There are many registered sites that are offering products, but most of them are not complete in all respects. The special thing about Pibexa is that it is best in all perspectives, including security, reliability, transparency, traceability, wide-list of products, account-types for users’ ease and easy to use interface.

The London-based trading exchange works per the rules and regulations of the regulatory body. The involvement of the legal body ensures that people are at the right place and are not taking any risk about their funds.

Pibexa is owned and controlled by Tarvida Industries LP, which is committed to providing better services in the markets. The company’s staff is highly professional that runs the website in a professional manner leaving no chance of hacking or breaching security measures. Tarvida Industries LP is established at the address: Suite 3072 15 Bell Street, St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland, KY16 9UR.

Wide Range of CFD Traded Products

On the interface of Pibexa, you will find hundreds of forex and digital currency pairs, including top-rated products. This is an opportunity for investors that a big list of currency pairs is available. They can choose particular products from the wide list in which they want to invest their capital. Financial Markets News Financial Markets News

As a leading forex platform on the planet, there are multiple features linked to the site, and customers can benefit from these facilities without paying any bit. The company at the time of inauguration was not very famous and reputed among the traders. But now, we can include it in the list of most leading forex trading sites in the world.

Account Types for Traders’ Ease

The company is offering four different types of accounts to cater to the needs and requirements of the traders. If an investor wants to invest in a big amount, then he will be awarded the account having all premium features. Similarly, one who is a beginner in this field will be awarded the basic account type having basic facilities. So, it’s dependent on your investment amount.

Silver Account: Silver account is the most basic one, and you can call it the primary one. The new babies can start their trading journey by opening this account with Pibexa. If you don’t have enough cash, then it’s the best one to try out and explores further areas of the trading world as the minimum deposit is only 250$. However, you can add funds more than this limit as the maximum limit for deposit is $999.

The ‘’Ebook’’ is present at your doorstep for your step by step guidance throughout your experience with the site. In addition to Ebook, you can also access ‘’Academy Access.’’

Gold Account: This is the second type of account that you can open on Pibexa. For this, the limit for adding funds is expanded and stretched between $1000 and $4,999.  If you want to play with more than $1000, then it is the best trading platform for you.

To ease your path in making successful trades, the exchange has hired account manager. He will give effective bits of advice in this complex process and will make it more efficient and profitable.

Platinum Account: By opening this account, a bunch of special features is waiting for you. This type of account is recommended for those who have enough knowledge and experience in forex trading and can take big risks. The maximum and minimum strata are divided between $5,000 and $34,999

The users holding platinum account have access to a lot of exceptional facilities, including Ebook, Academy Access, Trading Signals, Senior Account Manager, Expert Analyst Trading Sessions, Bonus up to 100% of account balance, No Withdrawal Fee, and Interest-bearing account option for consolidation of profit.

Diamond Account: The most premium account available on Pibexa is the diamond account, as it will expose you to extraordinary things of the platform that are not available to beginners’ accounts. This account is for premium customers who are gurus in the forex trading sector.

All the features of the platinum account are present at the doorstep of diamond account holders, along with additional functionalities such as premium contract options and compatibility of MasterCard for withdrawals. The minimum funds you can add as a deposit are $35,000, while there is no maximum limit at all.

How to Start with Pibexa?

The process, from your entrance into the site to finally starting your journey, is just a game of four simple steps. By doing these four steps, you will be able to earn a lot of money from the forex exchange.

Step One: Give Your Basic Information

This step is your introduction to the site about yourself and your previous trading experience. You will have to provide the basic information about yourself, including full name, email, phone address, residential address, and other detailed info to fulfill KYC obligations.

Step Two: Let’s Choose Account Type

After giving your basic detail, you will be redirected to the second step, where you can select the investment plan. There are four different types of accounts available on the site. You will have to select one out of four depending on your amount of investment.

Step Three: Fund Your Account

Now, it’s time to feed your account with funds. There are many payment methods are present. According to your ease, you can select one of the methods and then add funds into your exchange wallet. The minimum amount for deposit is $250.

Step Four: Start Trading

This is the final step before officially starting your carrier as a forex trader. Devise your portfolio in the best way, and if needed, take financial advice from the given account manager. If you confront any difficulty in using the trading services, you can contact the support team in this regard.

Competitive Fee Structure

The fees and commission on making trades are very competitive as compared to the other platforms. There are no additional charges for using the services, such as deducting fees for using the educational package provided. Similarly, there no taxes for adding funds into your wallet.

No hidden fees on Pibexa as everything is transparent and clear, making it a unique forex exchange out there. The fee schedule is very attractive and charming, as no other exchange is offering such a reasonable fee structure. The facility of tight spreads on a wide range of forex products is available.

Easy to Navigate Interface

The procedure, from the time of registration to the time of real-time trading, is easy to follow. The form for registration is available on the home page, where you will give basic information to complete the sign-up process.

The information about all the services is given in layman language on every page. The design is creative and easy to navigate with many options at your finger-tips. The web-design is attractive for new babies and will result in no difficulty at all on the part of users. The professional players equally find it smooth and flexible.

The mobile application is rolled out by the company to make trading possible everywhere. The user interface of the mobile version website is also integrated in a good manner.

Top Trading Platform and Tools

The trading platform to execute the trades is a leading one having multiple features and tools. The past data is accessed easily to help in making winning trades in the future so that traders will get the ultimate profit in the end. Trading Platform and Tools Trading Platform and Tools

Traders will confront hundreds of trading tools that are used to do technical analysis. This technical analysis assists in making speculation based on real-time data resulting in a lot of return. Moreover, Pibexa also provides effective trading tools to make it more efficient and profitable. The listing of top indicators also makes the platform different in forex markets.

Professional Staff Behind the Online Exchange

Pibexa is a wonderful product as a leading CFD trading brokerage developed by experienced gurus in the trading world who have expertise in forex. From its design to education package, everything is monitored by staff members having experience of many years in the given field. The latest technology is integrated by the development team at the time of platform creation.

The support team serving at customer portal is very cooperative and respond queries on time. The customers’ reviews about the support team are very satisfactory and outstanding. The account managers hired by the company are experts in giving informative financial advice in making portfolios and other things.

Outstanding Customer Care

Sometimes, people stuck while using any exchange or firm because they confront problems but receive no customer help even after contacting. This causes severe disturbance among active site users. The result is a bad familiarity of the site in the market regarding customer support.

But this is not the case with Pibexa’s customer support section as it is managed by the experienced support team. The users’ reviews about the platform show that traders are satisfied with the support team of the Pibexa. In case of any issue, you can contact at They have also given the phone number registered in the UK: +442036084791. You can also send your queries by submitting the given form after opening the ‘’Contact Us’’ section.

They have also added the option of ‘’Call Back’’ showing on the upper side of the home page. You will paste your name and phone number in the given box and then submit it

Is Pibexa a Safe Cryptocurrency Broker?

People want surety of the assets or funds whenever they try out with any investment firm. This is because the internet world is a blend of so many things where scamming or hacking is also increasing with the increase of finance digital shift from the traditional modes. With this negative emerging trend, the privacy of personal data, and assets’ security are the top demanding things on the part of users or customers.

Pibexa’s platform is encrypted with the latest technology and there is no chance of hacking or cyberattack at all. The assets of people are secured as advanced tech is used in the development of the website. Similarly, privacy is one of the main priorities of Pibexa.

Based on the reviews of the platform’s users, we can say that it is a secure and reliable forex trading exchange. It has also complied with the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy.

Mobile Application to Make Trading Simple and Easy

The web-version of Pibexa is integrated and easy to use. Besides web-access, the company has also launched the mobile application having all characteristics present in the web-based version. Both iOS and Android users can now use the application built by the company. They can download it from the App Store or Google Play depending on the type of mobile device. Mobile Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Mobile Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

With the mobile application of Pibexa downloaded in your mobile device, you can trade forex pairs from anywhere you go. This makes the whole thing innovative and more profitable. In the world, mobile users are now more than desktop lovers, so this opportunity of application can be availed by millions.


Wide Range of Traded Products Support only in two languages
Competitive Fees
Mobile Application
Good Customer Support
Intuitive Interface


Everything you need to know about Pibexa is beautifully explained in layman language. On the basis of our ranking criteria, it qualifies as one of the best ranking among the leading CFDs trading platforms out there. The mobile app makes it more stunning and charming for traders present across the world.



Overall Broker Score


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