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Pope Francis Urges G7 Leaders to Restrict Use of AI War Weapons

While some scientists and tech enthusiasts believe that artificial intelligence will be the transformational force in today’s economy, some have different perspectives. In a recent announcement, the Catholic Pope Francis expressed concerns about AI development.

Addressing the G7 annual summit in Italy, Pope Francis lamented that the AI risks will diminish people’s quality of life. He feared that AI development would negatively affect people’s way of life. 

Pope Francis Calls for Ban of Autonomous Weapons

Pope Francis urged the government and global regulators to enact restrictive measures on the use of AI in war and to prohibit the use of AI in developing ethical principles for tech development.

Citing the inherent risks associated with AI development, Pope Francis requested the government collaborate with global regulators to provide guidelines on how AI will be used. He noted that with tech development, the developers integrated AI tools to enhance sensor capability and the ability to identify potential targets in war.

Pope requested the government to ban the use of AI-fueled weapons of war, such as lethal autonomous weapons (LAWS), which solely depend on AI technology while destroying the target. Rooted in his humanitarian calling, Pope Francis lamented that the use of LWS in an armed conflict will lead to massive killings. 

The Pope urged the government to restrict the use of LWS or other AI weapon systems.He explained that the ban on LAWS will prevent the death of innocent people. 

Since the launch of the OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT, the Catholic bishop has been against using AI generative tools that seek to take charge of human control. He complain that the advancement seeks to gamble with people’s futures. 

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Pope Calls for Responsible Use of AI Technology

He suspected that the surge in AI adoption would lead to misusing people’s information. In his previous address at World Peace Day, Pope Francis described AI as having disruptive possibilities for humanity. 

He noted that despite the risk of artificial intelligence, this advanced technology will have a positive impact on the economy, politics, and social life.

Days after World Peace Day, a deepfake of Pope Francis was shared across various social media platforms. In the deepfakes video, the Pope was seen wearing a Balenciaga jacket and diamond necklace.

Also Pope Francis was seen catwalking and wearing a rainbow coat. From the two scenarios, Pope confessed that the keyboard warrior leverages the power of AI to create the images and videos seen on social media. 

He admitted that AI has massive potential to transform the education, political, and medicinal sectors. However, the Pope urged developers to responsibly use AI in their projects to protect human rights. 

Reviewing AI Risks on Humanity

The Pope cautioned the AI user to be vigilant to avoid the misuse of this technology. He expressed concerns that AI advancement will lead to violence and discrimination of the less privileged individuals and communities. 

The Pope noted that the surge in the AI demand undermined human capabilities. He argued that AI cannot be relied upon to develop general principles. 

The Pope noted the superiority of AI emanates from humans having a deep connection with technology to execute their day-to-day activities. He projects that AI technology will reach singularity in the future due to the growing human-tech relationship.

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Singularity in tech development refers to the stage at which computers and AI technology outsmart human capabilities. Pope predicts that the development of AI will enable artificial intelligence tools to communicate with each other directly.

Pope Francis has remained at the forefront in campaigning for the responsible use of AI technology. The Pope’s remarks echo the early warning UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres shared on the risks of AI. 

The executive lamented that despite the early warnings on AI use, the developers had turned a deaf ear. He stated that critical scientists and experts have called for the world to act to combat the AI risk. The executive noted that AI has posed a threat to humanity, just like nuclear war.

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