Privacy-Focused Browser Brave Partners With Binance to Enable In-Browser Crypto Trading

Make ‘crypto more usable by more people’

Binance Widget

A new feature has been designed named “Binance Widget” which will appear on the Brave browser’s new tab page. This newly-designed Binance Widget will let Brave users trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly from the browser without leaving it. and the Binance U.S. platform both are accessible to brave users through the Binance Widget. The CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao says that users can buy and sell crypto assets in a safe way with the Binance Widget. He stated:


“The Binance widget on Brave’s privacy-oriented browser instills a safer way to buy and sell crypto and also reduces user friction to onboard, trade and interact with the Binance ecosystem”

Both the privacy-focused browser Brave and the leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced their partnership in a press release.

The purpose is to make ‘crypto more usable by more people’

The CEO of Brave Software Branden Eich comments on this partnership agreement with Binance exchange and shares with the community the reason behind this partnership stating that the main purpose is to make cryptocurrency more usable by more people. Eich wrote:

“Our focus has always been on our users. This time, it’s about making crypto more usable by more people. We already have 1.6 million users who are crypto-savvy, they have signed up for the BAT Rewards Program; now they’ll be able to make crypto trades without leaving the browser”

While talking about the safety of the widget, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao also highlighted that the purpose of the partnership is to encourage the utility of cryptocurrency in the near future. He said,

“We are looking forward to our long-term partnership with Brave to make it even easier to interact with crypto and encourage more utility in the near future.”

This newly-developed feature is currently in Beta version. It will properly be launched by the companies in the month of April. After its launch, it will be integrated with the main version of the browser as well.  Both of these companies also aim to integrate the Binance Widget feature with mobiles as well.

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