Qtum (QTUM) Price Analysis: Bulls may remain in Dark in the long run

Qtum  came in the market with a different mission unlike others; it integrated the concepts of two prominent coins in versatile style such as the transactional system of bitcoin is attached to the consensus system of Ethereum. Its blockchain is designed in a hybrid structure and this hybridization is due to the combination of smart contracts innovative technology and proof of work design.

Qtum news and events:

Binance announced to launch Initial staking award of about 50,000 QTUM.

#Binance Will Support @QtumOfficial ( $QTUM) Staking & Launch a 50,000 QTUM Initial Staking Reward Users holding QTUM on Binance may expect to receive a 1st staking reward bonus from an additional $145,000 equivalent pool of QTUM.

Qtum (QTUM) team of developers is working very hard for an online global security system that will revolutionize the security system with the help of top developers in the world. Both Beam and Qtum has introduced a new online security hackathon and is confirmed that almost 200 developers from nearly 37 countries have joined this new initiative by Qtum.

Qtum price statistics:

The market cap of Qtum (QTUM) is $259,342,197 USD and 22,766 BTC. The 24-hour volume is showing a good position and stands at $161,191,483 USD and 14,150 BTC. The supply statistics of the token is the following:

  • Circulating supply: 95,936,204 QTUM
  • Maximum Supply: 107,822,406 QTUM
  • Total Supply: 101,686,224 QTUM

Price value of Qtum

The price value of Qtum  at the time of writing is $2.70 USD and 0.00023730 BTC. The 24-hour change in the price of the coin is 1.31% in up direction with 34th position on coin market cap.

Qtum price comparison:

The 25-day moving average states that price is controlled by sellers in a downward direction. The uptrend before 30 June had lost his position and the trend line started crashing with each passing day. The price was standing at 5.6 USD on 30 June but the current position of price value is $2.70.

QTUM price prediction

The tag price of the coin may drop from $2.57 to $2.21 as shown clearly by red lines in the given chart. The downtrend is dominating the race of bulls and there are chances that the upward trend may dominate by sellers. In rare cases, if the trend will go up then respective resistance levels are $2.90 and 3$3.11.


The 24-hour change is in the favor bulls but moving average predicting a bad future about the price of the coin. The long term race of trading may overcome by sellers.

What is your prediction about the price of token? Share your thoughts in the comment box.


Adeline Gibbs

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