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Recent Open Interest Shows Bitcoin’s Bullish Market

Since the abrupt fall of cryptos a few days ago, things are returning to normal as prominent digital assets show an increased gain. The bullish market helped bitcoin bounce back, with signs showing that BTC wants to overcome the $38,000-$40,000 resistance level to surge further. The digital asset faces recovery since the lowest drop from its peak, being the $31,000 range.

Immediately the price corrected, Bitcoin gained against its fall, but presently within the $38,000 range. Although the community blames miners for causing price decrease, analysis shows that traders’ selling pressure since the price peak led to the drop. Around December 2020, the digital asset faced one of its most challenging points, being the $20,000 range, and since the coin bypassed the resistance, it continued surging till it hit its all-time high, $42,000.

Increased sell-off caused the price drop

Bitcoin and altcoins faced some high-level sell-offs when they increased in value. The bearish market almost tore through the prominent support level, which would have hurt asset value. The industry sold around $1.5 worth of BTC around that time.

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Not surprisingly, the market bulls are ready to return Bitcoin to its all-time, with traders showing interest in BTC futures. The traders are strategic in thinking, and based on experience, their reappearance would lead to a price boom.

The surge led to a massive high from the open interest, significantly dwarfing open interests from other months in the year. Based on the analysis, not many people reacted to the price changes in Bitcoin, even as it dropped or increased.

Naturally, with retail traders taking the lead, some would expect the past few weeks to encounter significant price changes from them. It’s great to know that despite the crypto’s previous fall, the traders stood their stance and envisioned the digital asset for a long-term basis. The futures traders believe in the asset and have not in any way changed positions.

Institutional investors might be bearish

Numerous investors joined the industry while BTC faced some resistance at the $19,000 range, showing that the holders gained immensely during the price growth. While some suggest that institutional traders plan to hold their large assets for some years to come, others believe the price change would make them take advantage of the market structure and take their profits while they can. The volatile nature of cryptocurrency makes it hard for some people to view them as substantial assets for the store of value.

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Although the pressure reduced recently, the increasingly high demand for cryptocurrency is pushing the digital asset prices to an excellent position. People are interested in Bitcoin and hope to cash out when the next surge happens, winning them up to 100% of their holdings as it occurred during the $20,000 mark.

The asset now sees a steady increase, which some attributed to the strong Bitcoin bulls preventing the price from going back to its early 2020 position. Some believe that a significant price crash could return Bitcoin to its $3,000 during the beginning of rising covid 19 patients.

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