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Ripple’s XRP Has the Potential to Rise By 12,900% In the Next BTC Bull Cycle Says Credible Crypto

A highly bullish prediction has been given by a cryptocurrency trader and strategist, Credible Crypto in a tweet about the fourth-ranked digital currency XRP. He has said in the tweet that the native cryptocurrency of the blockchain payments tech giant Ripple has the capability to surge by more than 12,900 percent in the upcoming Bitcoin (BTC) bull cycle.

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Crypto Credible has said that he believes in the potential of XRP that it can make one’s net worth increase tremendously in the next few years and it will happen once the price of XRP skyrockets by over 12,900% during the next bull cycle of the leading digital currency Bitcoin (BTC).

While giving a price prediction for XRP, Credible Crypto said that he is not sure about the long-term of the fourth-ranked digital currency, however, in the short-term, the coin’s price will manage to hold itself between $20 and $30.

Furthermore, in a tweet, he explained why XRP lagging makes him more bullish. He said, “it won’t need as much as it seems it would. Many people think the same. But it’s gone 1000x+ in the last run, this would just be 100x. Regarding sell pressure, weak hands have long sold their $XRP for other projects. The ones holding now won’t sell soon.”

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Do not put your faith in XRP

Where Credible Crypto is making bullish short-term and long-term predictions about XRP, some other cryptocurrency analysts are saying the opposite of it. A popular veteran cryptocurrency trader and twitter user, Peter Brandt has said recently in a tweet that investors should not need to place their faith in the fourth-largest cryptocurrency in the world by market cap. He suggested investors be cautious while making an investment in this digital asset. Elaborating his point of view further, he said that there is no doubt that XRP has a potential but it is a downward, not the upward potential. He pointed out that XRP has not performed well as compared to other digital assets in recent times.

Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency continues to trade in the range between $0.23 and $0.24. However, at the time of writing, the price value of XRP is trading up by 6.14% in 24 hours.

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